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Carlisle All Ford Nat's! Jun 4-6, 2010

Umm.. Tim what are you doing in this picture? :scratch:

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Glad to see all of ya and to meet some new faces. Sorry we couldn't give you a good smoke show this year, but the weather had other plans... :(

Draper, as always thanks to you and the mach crew for the hospitality!!!

and since i dont think you were around at the time we got a smoke show, it just involved the hair on my left arm and the grill aparently...

Yep, made it home just fine. Took a detour through Manhattan. It was amusing watching every one's head turn when they heard me hit a bump. I took a look when I got home and the trunnion is fine but the axel yoke on the side closest the tire was broken. I searched for howto's and got an idea of what I need to do. If it's the outter yoke, is it necessary to open the diffy or can I cheat? Once I get that cleared up, I'm def building her up for next year. :D

theres enough room in there to cheat, even if the pumpkin side yolk is ok. wich means your diffys coming out to get that shaft out. while your at it you might want to search c-clip eliminator to make your life alot easier next time. i myself am running the external style with the echo tractor spring.

Also this is gonna sound stupid, but you may want to grab a copy of motorbooks workshop's "four wheelers bible" by jim allen. alot of whats in there is verry elementary, but its full of good information for someone whos new to wheeling. and yes i own a copy.

Jay, you didnt really need that hair anyway did you?! LMAO!!! O and by the way its been decided that my X's new name will be PANTHER! Its goin to the body shop in 2 months for a complete make over to all black plus i'm gettin a black panther tattoo this saturday!

i made it home at 7 am yesterday went straight to work till 930 then passed out till now haha my bearing and/or uni is bad for sure but i made it home so far so good so ill be doin that soon enough and ben ill be sendin that dinero right away

btw no more black rated trails for me for a while =p

I actually do have a copy of the 'Four Wheelers Bible'.....somewhere. I'll have to hunt it down and page through again. I'm hunting down parts this morning for the c-clip eliminator and stuff. Glad you made it home Don, your Ex was letting out some scary noises when going through that trail.

btw no more black rated trails for me for a while =p

That was trail 8 which is actually a blue/black.. Next time we'll stick to low level blues..

For the record I crashed too once I got home.. slept for like 12 hours straight and then another 10 hours last night.. lol

Start looking for a new t-case, I suspect that chain is either loose and the gears have some missing teeth.

I'll have a T-case for sale or trade come the end of july mid august! I'm converting 2wd so i'm looking for a tailshaft or a 2wd 5 speed tranny for the 4.0 ohv!

well how much would you like =p ill trade my t-case for yours

and you alright ben? how bad was it

and you alright ben? how bad was it

crashed as in fell asleep hard.. Not the other one.. I stopped on 83 and bought 4 redbulls & a few 5 hour energy drinks.. That probably was a bad idea cause the day after I was hyper as ****..

I fell asleep on the way home, too (after I left you guys at the Comfort Inn) :p: Carlisle will definitely take it out of you!

Anybody know if the t-case off of a 98 SOHC will work on explorerguy89's OHV? Blackjack's t-case is just sitting on my front porch gathering dust...

As long as his is not a 96-97.. it should I think.

well you can buy em cheaper then you can build em. and it hurts to think of by how large of a margin

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Well i got home last night at about 5pm after driving for about 12, and 17 hours on monday, only stopping for fuel. evil ran over "something" about 200 miles out of st. paul, and i still can figure out what it was, but i know its dead for sure now! hell, i didn't even have any problems at the boarder, if i would have know that......and no ben, no full body cavity search, lol!
HATS OFF TO ALL OF YOU! because you guys, this will be one of the most memorable trips i have been on.
lindsy, thank you so much for organizing this.
And mega thanks to Tim for coming all the way down from Canada, and dragging me out of my funk :) Congrats on second place, it is well deserved!
if you didn't come, i was VERY prepared to come to your house and psychically drag you out, even if i didn't survive!
Umm.. Tim what are you doing in this picture? :scratch:
Umm...ben, what are you doing in this pic? :scratch:




ah, he's liking the pink!
i also want to thank tara for taking some kick ass pictures of evil, as well as evil and hotness, and the shirt! i love it! as well as for not kicking my ass with the canadians vinyl on hotness, and for letting me put my hand on hotness without you chopping it off
jason, it was a hoot hanging out with you on friday, and sat and ben to, you both know how to make someone feel at home and welcome.
jeff and the mach crew for feeding all of us! that was some great BBQ.
there is just too much for me to say, and thank all of you for, i know i will forget something.
to think, evil was officially born about a year and a haft ago by me wanting the grey factory ground effects black, and fogs in the front bumper to this,


after i told jeff that evil got second, he put a smile on his face, extended his hand out of me to shake, and said "welcome to the east coast crew" THAT was cool!

i will get some more pictures up in the next day or two, i have about 500 of them to sort out (i took a pile of them driving out there, as well as going home and the show). but, to give you a idea on the drive (which was well worth it).........

the day i left to go there


to last night when i got home


as well as......




how accurate, close, but i know its not dead on.
sorry for the long post btw.