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Carlisle All Ford Nat's! Jun 4-6, 2010

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aaaaand for best pic award!!!


You guys were ridiculously adorable. haha I'm pretty sure I have my receiver hook. *glances out window* Yep, it's there.

OK So i went to a local car show yesterday just for something to do! I registered my X in the 1986 and newer truck class knowing I didnt stand a chance! So when it came time for the awards i figured id just hang around for the hell of it and wouldnt you know when they got to the tuner class they called my name and gave me a trophy! I have no idea how the hell they get a tuner out of an X but i'm not complaining since this is my first win!

j-rod kudos on the win!

alright, well i have someones hook thats not mine, so if your missin one, lmk

congrats and if its not dans and not mines prolley not bens so 5's?

a little over a week later, and I'm still riding high from the show, and the trip down there. i made up a video of the drive there, with a few pics from the show. they are in no order, but i was trying to match some of the songs to the music and whatnot. soooo, enjoy!


Nice montage! Captured a lot of the open road and beautiful scenery along the way!