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AGR Wheelin Ranch June 4th & 5th Nocona, Texas!


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March 17, 2002
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Arlington, Texas
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1992 4x4 Explorer
Well it's been a while since I've been out but now I'm ready to run the trails again. A few buddies and I so far, are heading out to AGR Wheelin Ranch if any of you are interested in joining us just post. We'll be heading out early Saturday morning (June 4th) and camping that night, then running a few more trails on Sunday before heading back.

So far

Drew ----------------XJ 38.5x12.50 Swampers locked front and rear
Msupertek------------Explorer 36x12.50 Swampers locked front and rear
Mudduck--------------Rubicon 33x12.50 BFG Mud locked front and rear

any others?

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Where are all the Offroading X's in Texas...

Will this be another lone Explorer Trip?

if I still lived in Texas I'd go with you guys.

if it wasnt so freakn far away i would go 17 and have to pay for gas...not a good thing

Sorry to be off topic but I just got my Petersons 4wheel mag and saw Msupertek got pic of the month in the readers rides section...congrats!

Thnx for the congrat's

And here we go just one more week to wheelin!!! :D