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early a4ld valve body question


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November 24, 2007
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'87 BroncoII
This is my first post to this forum so I'll try to make it a good one. First of all let me say that I appreciate all the hard work put together by your posters and moderators; I've been through the al4d valve body rebuild and transmission rebuild and the amount of work and pictures are amazing. OK, I am rebuilding the a4ld from a 1987 BroncoII and I need a correct diagram of the valve body parts. My problem started after I bagged the valves and cleaned the valve body I went by my ATSG manual and thought I had mixed up baggies because the valves I had in the 3-4 shift valve bag didn't match the diagram in the book. Thinking I had screwed up I started pirating springs from other bags and before long I had a real mess. Long story shorter, the diagram in the book is wrong. I retrieved a diagram for a 1 solenoid valve body from Transgo and their diagram shows three springs for bore 202 and I have only two that will fit. I have a hunch that one spring may not have been used in all applications. Can anybody help me out?

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Welcome to this forum! Could you post the diagram from the ATSG manual, and from the Transgo kit to compare? The single solenoid is for the TCC. The 88-up have a second solenoid for the 3-4 shift (overdrive).

valve body diagrams

I'm attaching the scans of the part of the valve body in question. First the ATSG manual shows the 2 solenoid valve body, not what I have in my '87 BroncoII. ATSG image
The transgo image shows three springs for bore 202 and I have only two and in particular I do not have a spring that fits in the middle position so if anybody has any information on whether that spring is used in all applications that would be helpful. transgo image
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The Transgo image worked, but not the ATSG image:

I'll try again, but I'm not sure what the problem was. ATSG image
Basically the ATSG diagram shows a two solenoid valve body. You'll notice also that in the Transgo diagram it shows specs for all the springs except for the outermost spring of bore 202(the part it labels 4-3 torq demand).
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The ATSG image didn't work in the above post.

I think the link is fixed now. Also, I ordered the Superior shift improver kit so I"ll post the diagram from that kit when I get it in.

Here you go Brooklyn incase you still have trouble with the link


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I see that the link works now. Thanks for posting the picture.

Transmission is back together now, but I haven't installed it yet. It turns out the the middle spring on the torque converter clutch valve is not found on all models. The diagram from the superior kit was excellent and listed springs that were not found on all models. When I get a chance I'll scan part of the superior diagram and post it. Thanks for the replies.

Did you install the Superior, and Transgo kits?

A little off topic but I have a question about the Boost Valve in the first gen A4LD.

Sonnax shows a High Ratio and a Low Ratio

What would be the difference in them?

Mine looked ok so that is what I used.

The high ratio boost valve provides a few extra pounds more boost in pressure. The ones with the O rings help make a tighter seal than the non O ring OEM design.

The High ratio they say is for the 4.0.

Would the extra boost be good for the smaller engines 2.9?

You could use it on the smaller engines too. The shift is a little more firm with the added pressure.

Transmission is back in! I still need to hook all the peripherals so I'll let you know how it works later. I installed the Superior kit so I'll be able to report how the transmission shifts soon (assuming all went well with the rebuild). Prior to rebuilding the trans was showing most of the symptoms described in the Superior literature (delayed reverse, chugging from TCC not releasing, slow 3-4 upshift).

It works!

Transmission is back in and working. Shifts well with no annoying pause before hitting reverse. My only complaint is that it seems a little harsh going into Drive. Seems to make a bigger lurch than what I'd like, but except for that it works well with good firm and fast but not harsh shifts. I'd recommend the Superior kit as it has excellent instructions and seems to work as described.

Thanks for the update! Could you post the page from the Superior kit?