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East Coast Trashed Thread

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Jeff, sorry to say, but there's a lot more than just one up in your woods that has that attitude besides the troll that got deleted. I will not identify your neighbors, but I will forward a few of the many PMs both Rick and I have gotten as a result of trying to organize this run. Keep in mind that none of these members are willing to put forth near the effort to support a run as have the dozens that have already signed up for Moab from many states - and three of us are traveling 2,000 miles to go there - and the ones whining the most about the east run have to travel less than 250 miles to get to Crozet. :rolleyes:

I'm in a real ticked-off mood about this and normally you'd not see this behind-the-scenes-look at what is happening..... so this is the one chance for all of you other members to get a glimpse of the idiocy that we moderators have to put up with on a daily basis while trying to manage a website the size of an average city for the good of all the rest of the members. Here you go, and I'll resist commenting on the terrible grammar and spelling of those who sent this type of crap:

Not that I really care, but what the hell was the point of the poll if you weren't going to follow the results. If more people would show if the run was at Crozet, then the poll would have reflected that. Makes no sense! Maybe you're right, who knows? But why make it seem democratic when it's really up to you no matter what we say?

And, this from another one:

I would like to air my concern for how the location was chosen. First there was a pole, ending in a tie. Then another pole with different options. Paragon won this pole undebateably. Yet somehow we decide to go somewhere that lost the pole by a long shot? The pole gave us the greatly mistaken impression that the location was to be decided by the members of the forrum. The members did not decide crozet, they decided paragon. So where I ask did the audacious manuever of ignoring the votes and choosing personaly come into play? We all know this isnt right or fair to ALL those who voted. I am despritly seeking information on how this decision can possibly be considdered fair at this point. Please do not give us average forrum goers mistaken impressions of fairness in the future when there is obviously none

( I replied with this: "The votes for the east coast run confirmed that the most people will only show up if we compromised and met in the middle. Add the votes. More people voted to be willing to either compromise or would go to either place, than those who voted to only go to their own location. Paragon got 18 votes and the total of those willing to meet in the middle was 22.") This was the reply I received:

Re: East coast run

no you cant add 2 sets of votes together to get your way. Thats totaly ####ed up. You are demonstrating yet another thing thats been heading downhill on this forrum in the last year or so. That being the moderators doing things their way.

Here's more:
Re: East coast run

How am I trying to do things my own way? I am doing it by what was set up. You tried to change the outcome to favor yourself. Your vote was staying further south, we all know that. Now are you claiming you spent thousands on this site and that its yours? If so I may be wrong but I was under the impression it was RICKS. I respect all the work that has gone into this and the money, but dont sit there and claim its your own. This is total bullshit and you know it. As do many other forrum members they are mostly just too afraid to get banned to say anything.
However I know a choice few have said something. You are no more special on this forrum than anyother elite member so dont try to convince me or anyone else otherwise. You flat out CHANGED the outcome of the vote to suit you best. Several of the people that voted for paragon did so because their trucks are far more modified than yours making it nearly impossible to drive that far down the highway. Also making the cost of travel far more than yours. You have done this for personal reasons and that is bullshit. A moderator is supposed to keep things fair and keep the peace. You fail at both.

I never said this was my site :rolleyes: it is Rick's, and he is also insulted by this development. None of you know how much I personally have spent on this site, and none of you have any clue just how much the incredible amount of money that Rick has put into it. I am not demanding to keep it south - if that was true, this run would be held at Tellico! - and while we are at it, northeast vehicles aren't the only highly modded ones on this site and ALL of the rest of us in the entire nation seem to be able to drive more than 100 miles in order to meet others on this site. The person who posted this PM stating "...also making the cost of travel far more than yours" lives 180 miles CLOSER to Crozet than I do. :rolleyes:

We've got dozens of people from all over the country willing to travel to Moab for our 10th Anniversary Run, and a couple of dozen are bellying up to the bar for the mid-continent run in Indiana. This is NOT my site or your site; it is RICK'S; and he wanted to try to provide the means to gather those of us in the east together to enjoy each other's company in celebration just like the rest of the country. Several of us have now urinated on his commitment and insisted that it be done selfishly only in the way we demand in our own backyard and are not willing to compromise in a matter we shouldn't have any say in the first place on his own website.

As a result, Rick is fed up - understandably so, if you ask me - and doesn't want to mess with having an east coast run. I've been asked to coordinate it and manage a signup thread like Rick has for the other two runs, but he doesn't want to keep up with it. Honestly, at this stage, I'm not too interested either. What I want to know is if all of you up north really think this crap I'm receiving and are afraid to speak up and really think what I'm getting in these PMs (BTW, no one gets banned for opinions, geez), or if this is just an example of a couple of jerks trying to screw up a great time for all of the rest of us. If this is really how the east is, then plan your own run and leave me out of it. If not, then tell your neighbors to shut up and allow the rest of us in all of the rest of the east states (including yours) to meet for a great time, and I'll help coordinate this run along with whomever else wants to pitch in and help. We've already disappointed Rick to the point that he won't have anything to do with it.

It will be a couple of days before I check back in on this thread; I'm gonna go relax on my cruiser and anchor by a waterfall for awhile to enjoy some time on the water with friends who aren't jerks. I'm not in the mood to keep up with this BS. You guys sort it out and I'll see what has transpired when I decide to get back.

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I do not believe that is how the majority thinks....I think we have some people who really are disruptive and very self centered, and I personally don't want anything to do with people who think that way. The comments that were sent to you make me sick to think that some people are that narrow minded and inconsiderate. If anyone that I come in contact with (which hasn't been many people lately) starts up on that...fur will fly....

To anyone who did send that kind of crap...STFU!!! Stop talking out your ass and look at the big picture. IMO, the poll was to gauge opinion to see what trends we have and to find a good compromise so that the maximum number of people have a chance to attend. Everyone is going to have to travel some, what makes you so special that you shouldn't have to?? You have a chance to wheel somewhere besides your "home turf", meet new people and see somewhere new. Take the opportunity to grow.

Those of you on the East Coast who feel the same way I do please chime in....I'm really hoping I'm not on an island by myself or in the minority......

JDraper said:
Those of you on the East Coast who feel the same way I do please chime in....I'm really hoping I'm not on an island by myself or in the minority......
I definitely agree with you. I too find it sickening that people are saying all of this BS, and it's even worse that they are saying it's most of the other people too who think that. It also really pisses me off that because a few people want to whine about another hour or two of driving, they've done enough to piss off Rick. It's about an 8 hour drive for me, and I still plan on coming. IDK care if I'm on 31s, 37s, or in Jason's Explorer...I'm coming as long as we still have one. I was actually somewhat hoping that we'd have it a distance away. Not because I want to spend a ton on gas, but because I want the oppurtunity to offroad in new places. I haven't been to Tellico yet, but it is much closer than Crozet. That will be one of the first places I go after I complete my axle swap...then I'll be a regular there. :p Hopefully everyone will realize they have to compromise, they'll stop their *****ing, and then we can have an organized run like the rest of the country is having. :fire:

Hell half of the people that voted for Paragon don't even wheel their vehicles. Now how does that make sense.

This is sad guys....very sad. Gerald is right, i am on his side with this...You guys are not farther from Crozet than we are....it is in the MIDDLE. Obvioulsy you guys (sending the PMs, not everyone) care more about whats best for you and you alone and not the fun and fellowship that is brought to the table when we romp through the woods... I highly doubt that i will attend this trip if you guys decide to, i just dont want to be around.

Hell im willing to go anywheres, id LOVE to get to moab, but the fact of the matter is indeed, money. Alot of people in this forum simply dont have the change laying around to go on some of these big, far away trips as much as im sure alot of them would love to go but in their bitterness of not being able to go they decide to try for a place thats closer to them, so that they can attend. There is nothing worng with this in my opinion, these are simply the logistics that will have to be delt with whenever having to deal with a large group, these are to be expected. As i said, id love to made it out west, or tellico, or attica but i simply cant afford it so i voiced my opinion for paragon because i love to wheel and i love to wheel with other people from this forum and paragon has definatly something for everyone so no one would be excluded. Is this wrong, stubborn, snotty? Please, shed some of your infinate admin wisdom on the situation because i simply cant find the fault in my actions and others who did the same. Note: I do plan on trying to attend Cozet as funds will allow, and if i can find a way im gonna try and make Attica.

about the money situation...I am in college, i help make up the nations poorest people (college students in general). Now granted i come from a well off family, but i WILL be paying for my 2000 mile trek to Moab with Gerald and Nissanboy...all out of my own pocket. If you just eat out once less a week, put $20 in a jar every week, you will have more than enough money to make the trek...Its all about priorities. If you dont wanna spend the time and effort to go out and do a little extra work to make the money then so be it. But i will be and i hope that you will to because i would like to meet alot of the people on this board.

Anythign you need in terms of setting this run up please contact me... im over 500 miles from Crozet but I will gladly go up on a prerun if needs be or go a day early to set up a group

Honestly if you cant air your opinion in public then keep them to yourself. If you cant take the heat from everyone on the board please refrain from PM'ing any of the admins. If i were Gerald or Rick i would post your PM's with your names attached just to show what kind of person is behind the online name.

sn0border88 said:
the fact of the matter is indeed, money.
looks like some1 else on here is saving up for a new board for the upcoming season ;)

but anywho, lets just get this thing going, close this GD foresaken thread and lets get building people! we've only got a few weeks left of warmth! order those lockers, get cutting, get welding!!! AHHHH!!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

hahahaha, right on. burton 164 t6w/ ride migs. But i got the funds for that, i gotta get a powertrax or two before i go to cozet.

nissanboy said:
Honestly if you cant air your opinion in public then keep them to yourself. If you cant take the heat from everyone on the board please refrain from PM'ing any of the admins. If i were Gerald or Rick i would post your PM's with your names attached just to show what kind of person is behind the online name.

Sorry to dis you man, but i did pm rick about a few things, but they pertained to some ideas and feelings of mine which did not involve this entire forum, and im sure others can say the same. So how about this, before you make a broad statement and dis many people on subjects that you know nothing about, think before you speak, thats all i ask. Some things are better left unsaid. And rick can post my pm's if he so chooses, im not afraid, i simply thought that these things were between me and him. And as for money, im in high school, the next poorest population in this country, and worked 60 hour weeks all summer, and am doing about 30hrs a week during school just to pay for gas, and all the stuff i break wheeling, plus the wheeling trips. Again man, think before you speak.

After looking at the poll results, and not counting any of the individuals who wouldn't wheel their vehicles. It was pretty much a dead even. To be perfectly honest, there wasn't enough votes in my opinion. We definately closed the poll too early but we had no choice cause we needed to decide. Paragon & Tellico & Crozet basically had the same amount of votes minus a few that in my opinion should not have been counted cause they don't intend on wheeling their vehicle or other reasons. Since Gerald did say if Crozet compromise shows many votes, we will look into going there after studying it more.

Since it did show signficant amount of votes, we have decided to study the option of taking it there. Nothing has been finalized yet. I believe Chris has only pencilled us in for the weekend. I understand people are hesistant cause they haven't been there. That is one of the main reasons I plan on attending a guided run on October 1st & 2nd or 15th & 16th depending on my funds to see what the trails are like and to atleast take pictures so I and other people will know what to expect.

note: I only suspect we are pencilled in unless Gerald has made contact with Chris regarding it.


Blee i am gonna try to get up there that weekend as well... is there anywhere i need to sign up or is it a show up and run type event?

You need to sign up online.. I'm not sure if they reached the 40 truck limit or not.. Let me find the link..


Well, I'm in PA and was hoping Crozet would be chosen. I'm dying to try Tellico too, but Crozet is less of a drive. Based on the pics, it looks like a blast. Paragon can be a lot of fun, but I like to see new trails.


There have been many runs at Paragon that have been organized, at least to a small part, through EF. And that is GREAT!!! A LOT of northeastern members have created quite a group up there, and have created many Explorer runs up there. Simple fact is, creating another run at Paragon will include these same people that go all the time (wasn't there a trip there less than a month ago?) and maybe a few others willing to make the trip up there.

If you want to create a true east coast run, and a place like Crozet, VA opens up with the owner/operator helping to set it up..................it only makes sense to hold an east coast run there. Look at a map of the east coast................can VA be any more of a central location? Holding an east coast run at a northern east coast location just eliminates many folks from the southern east coast. Tellico would produce about the same result, just opposite latitudes.

Crozet is a HUGE oppurtunity here!! NO EF member has any experience with the trails out there. This is an oppurtunity to learn/wheel a new place..........a place that may exceed your expectations! It is a group of private trails, and the man in charge of those trails has stepped up here, and is willing to help with setting up a great EF east coast run.

VA is the ideal location of a true east coast run!!!!!! If there is a way that some sort of personal connection can be made for a group to head to GWNF, and a group heading to Crozet.................this run has the capability of being one of the greatest Explorer runs ever!!

edit: and I encourage the whiny fawks to PM me...................the only reply will consist of two words. They will rhyme with "truck shoe"

LOL... thanks Robb.

Since I am a Texan at heart and not really an east coaster, Blee1099 has been entrusted with coordinating this run for all of us, being much more familiar with the area and more capable of managing this event than I am. The signup thread and other details will soon be forthcoming. :)

See you in 2006! :bounce:

Robb said:
...the only reply will consist of two words. They will rhyme with "truck shoe"
:rolleyes: its "duck stew" isnt it? is this what were having for dinner during that weekend? duck stew? i cant wait, i want some duck stew!!


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Time to chime in..

I was considering loading everything up, and heading East for the Attica run and Crozet the weekend after.

I'll be just blunt.

If do I load everything up, I will do EXACTLY that. You do not have to showup - in fact, if 9+ months of pre-planning is not enough for you - tough. Go complain somewhere else.

And, to add insult to injury - I am tempted to just make it private run, by invite only. Why would I want to wheel with someone who complains/whines so easily?

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