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East Coast Trashed Thread

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and why would i want to wheel with people who somehow think they are above everyone

Well, you don't have to. That's why I asked you not to show up. That way you don't have to wheel with anyone who in your opinion are "above everyone".

In one sentence you come across as condescending and in the next you want to be buddies and wheel with everyone I don't get it...

Honestly we feel like we always get shafted and we're getting tired of it.

You're getting shafted huh? How is that? Because everyone from California doesn't pick up and drive to PA to wheel with you in your backyard? How many regional Explorer clubs are there? How many do you think have accused me of "shafting them" because I don't plan runs for them in their own backyard? The answer is 0.

As an admin, something that involves the ENTIRE orgnaziation should not be put out of consideration simply because you dont feel like it. I respect the drive you are willing to make, but the manner in which you said that to me, was simply disrespectful, and self centered. Now again, im aware that there is a run being planned (by us) for "us east coast guys" but in my understanding, thats another way of saying, "screw you guys, your on your own.

He sent me that after he first sent me a PM basically telling me I'm an ass for having more than 1 Explorer anniversary run and that if we did have a single run it should be on the East Coast since "no one lives West of the Mississippi". I wish I had kept his first PM... I replied that I had to drive 1700 miles to get to Attica and that's as far as I was willing to drive. Somehow he decided that was "disrespectful and self centered".

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Well I'm off for a night run... Michael is riding shotgun... Cya.

another brilliant misquote from rick. Im done with this, see yall at cozet.


can we just lock this thread and start another "official" one when we are ready?

please... :rolleyes:

The only problem with that is that people are going to continue coming back and arguing with one another about things being unfair, etc like the past 5 pages of this. :rolleyes:
BEN!!!!!!!!--Please close this thread!

One final note... Back from the night run... broke a knuckle :eek: Thank goodness for spares :D

I'm back from a relaxing weekend and am better. I'll try to post on a positive note. I have been called out for insults and that is true; a post I made came close to being a flame. For that I apologize. The second mistake I have made is underestimating the intransigent nature of trying to compromise for some of us, and allowing it to color the great attitude and expectation for this event. I fear that I have helped to ruin a good time before it even gets started. In this case, yes a decision should have just been made once the first poll showed the absolutely polarity of the potential participants, and then no one would have gotten their feelings hurt when the compromise had to be reached anyway.

This event is not about a run really.... it is about celebrating the tenth anniversary of this site and providing an opportunity for the most of us possible to join together and meet new faces to put on the names here. We can always meet other locals anytime. The unshakeable fact remains that the most people will show up only if we pick a middle area and are willing to compromise, so that's what we need to do. On retrospect we should have just made the decision, announced it, and invited everyone to come that can do it. I'm not perfect and lesson learned, I admit.

I encourage all of us to "just shut up and wheel" :D , to quote a wise counsel I heard on another run one time. I have a lot going on personally right now and could not commit to managing another eight months of planning this in light of the stress involved. I do plan on making this run and would enjoy meeting ALL of you that choose to attend.

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