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Eatc confusion? Code 25 - which blend door actuator?


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March 21, 2014
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Lantana, TX
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2000 explorer
I have a problem with my blend door actuator. I've done the eatc tests and receive code 25 error. I've checked the blend door itself for operation and all looks good and nothing broken. So all that is left to do is purchase a new one and install it....


There is a little mystery that I need help with. My ac/heater controls are electronic (digital controls) not a manual dial...I follow the instructions for eatc control and get the self diagnostics...but... When I look up my actuator, like at doorman...The part I have in my hand looks like the one they CALL MANUAL controls. The automatic one looks different. The reason this is important is my ac/heater controls have an automatic button that has never worked...

So do I have an eatc or a manual system? Does the doorman part 604-202, WHICH LOOKS LIKE THE PART I HAVE but labeled manual adjust the temperature when the automatic button is pressed?

Or would I get the doorman 604-201 which has is labeled for automatic but looks differently.

At the end of the day I am confused why I have an eatc and a system with an automatic button but have a manual actuator.

My vehicle is a 2000 ford explorer limited...

i'm pretty sure all the Limited's came with the Electronic Automatic Temperature Control (EATC). the manual control version had 3 twist knobs. no temp display or buttons.