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intermediate band adjust Question?


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February 5, 2006
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terre haute,in.
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95 explorer
I have a question about the intermediate band adjustment on my 95 explorer.
I was trying to adjust the bands on my trans, I adjusted my o/d band and it went smooth,I then tryed to adjust my intermediate and the adjusting bolt keeps tightening and the square head is almost half way through the lock nut and I still have not hit my 10 ft/pound torque value. Should I continue tightening the adjust bolt? What scares me is the lock nut will run out of threads! Does this sound normal? Has my band ran out of adjustment and or could my band be worn out of spec.? Thanks to all for all the help!!!!

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Yes one of two things is at play.... either when you backed the nut off you pulled the adjusting bolt (screw) out too far and the adjuster fell (you CAN get it back in place) or else your band has a broken strut. As BrooklynBay said you will need to pull the pan to see.

That link requires you to be a member and to log in to see anything. I'm not a member so I didn't see anything.


Hey sorry about that guys, but you know what, you should join there too if you don't have anything against Dodge trucks. That picture would be worth it. It only takes a minute, same as here, and they have a wealth of mechanics both in engines, computers, and a real pro (Wayne) in the custom/racing tranny section. Of course Dodges need a lot of work too! I'll find out if he does Fords. Some day I learn how to upload pictures..........



yes like that fellow. Here is the picture that he was talking about if you have this in your pan than the band more than likely broke or you loosened the adjuster way too much.


Hey thanks, I didn't know if the parts were about the same but the idea is. Guys have to be careful backing out the band adjusters or they'll loose that part. I marked mine before touching it, and then tried to keep it right around the same position while backing out the locknut enough to turn the adjuster in. It must be an awful sound when you hear it "clunk" into the pan.........



Can someone tell me how to include a picture in my post, I have it saved in My Pictures on my computer.

"Edit" I did it, see below!

I guess you have to read the directions sometimes....... :thumbsup:



Did It


broken strut

I removed the valve body and fished around in the trans with a magnet around the area of the intermediate band. Out came the wedge on my magnet, great!!! Went back in with magnet and out came the broken band strut, damit!!!! Well I guess I Know what I will be doing this weekend!
I would like to thank all of you for your excellent feedback and pics it really helped alot, I will be sure to post any additional findings during the rebuild.
Again thanks, this site rules!!!!! Bean

Sorry to hear. Once you get it out to rebuild if you need anything feel free to ask.

They are mostly geared (no pun intended) toward Chryslers. The transmission that is being rebuilt here is a Ford 4R55E. I did see some useful information there. They had some write up on transmission abuse. Here are 3 pictures of a destroyed rear sprag from a neutral drop:



wow now that is some damage.

That's a bad piece of luck right there. APS is a custom tranny shop, they can get you anything you want at pretty good prices, for any make, but as always shop around. Wayne is the pro there, and at the DTO tranny threads, a wealth of information for any make. I have a 97 Ram, trust me Chrysler trannies are just as bad or worse, than Ford.