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Opinions on Bridgestone Muds?

Does anyone have positive/negative opinions on the Bridgestone MT?? They seem *REAL* expensive to me ($684 for 4 x 32x11.5r15's, $708 for 4 x 33x12.5r15's - no mount, no balance).

I saw a Jeep with them mounted, they looked kind of street-ish, like the BFG MT or the ProComp MT - not a bad thing, I'm not looking for Swampers.

I may have to buy Bridgestones if I want to get my $400 out of Firestone, so I was hoping to get some feedback on blowing $300 on tires I really don't want.


Lurid Backstory:
Here's the deal - I pulled my wife's Firestones last March (00), replaced them with BFG 31x10.5r15 AT's. They had 26.5K on them, so I put them in the garage with plans to use them as street tires for my Ranger.

Fast forward to Feb-01: Yet another letter from Ford on the recalled Firestones, so I decide to get the spare replaced with a 31x10.5 generic and be done with it, then take all 5 to my local Firestone rep for the reimbursement. I was also buying two new tires for her old Thunderbird, so it was a 3 tire morning.

Went to Big-O, some noname (my favorite no-name was closed on Sat. oh well) and to Winston. I about croaked on their pricing, $200 for two 215/70r15's HOUSE BRAND, plus $125 for a 31" truck tire (yes, that's more than my BFG's cost).

Finally wind up at Expert Tire (Firestone dealer). Manager gets me setup with two TBird tires for $130+$92 for the 31" truck tire. Says, oh, yeah, bring your other 4 tires in, we'll get the paper work for you to get your money. Says it will take an hour, I go home and get the 4 other Firestones from my garage, drag them back to the shop. Do the paperwork, he signs it, etc. etc. Manager tells me to get a copy of my original receipt from the Winston boys down the street, then I'm good to go.

So, I get the 31" tire free, just have to pay for the TBirds. Money left over, time to visit Harbor Freight.

A month later, I get a letter plus my paper work from Firestone. Screw you, you bought the replacements before we recalled them, you get dick.

Now, I no longer have the Firestones - I turned them in per the recall. Nor do I have $400 - they didn't even put a phone number on the "screw you" letter (smart, eh?).

So I called up and asked the manager how much Bridgestone muds are - too damn much (Costco has BFG 35x12.5r15 MT's for $158 each, for reference). Needless to say, I'd rather have my $400 since my 31" muds aren't worn out yet, but......

Call the local NEWS

Threaten to report them to the News and bring more bad publicity down on Firestone! I may get what you want. Plus they (News) realy like to kick a dog when they're down. Ha! ha!


have any of u heard any on the bridgstone A/Ts cause i'm due for some new set of tires. good grip? don't want any
m/ts since i'm not always off roading and they seem a good bang for buck thing.