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Palmer 7's '93 Limited Edition

Hello all! I have finally decided to make a registry after all this time haha. My explorer doesn't have a very big story behind it but It was purchased brand new by my grandpa in 1993. The first time I saw the ex was when I was 5 at Portland international raceway and I knew some day it would be all mine! NOT! hahaha. Then in 2002 my dad purchased the ex from my grandpa, I was always around it and thought it was a pretty nice car but never thought it would become mine. then in 2009 when I FINALLY passed my drivers license test my dad gave me the Sploder and I fell in love with it! All up until it started giving me trouble... I don't have pictures of it when it was given to me but right when I got it I changed the oil and the filter, next thing that went wrong from there is the head lights went out. so I replaced those, then then the right turn signal went out luckily only another bulb which I replaced. then I realized none of the interior lights worked soooooo once again... I replaced those. I thought I was in the clear for awhile, WRONG! The Premium sound system sub-woofer by JBL went out on me so I just left it. Next thing I got replaced after awhile was my front bushings because I was noticing a loud clunk every time I went over a bump so that fixed that. So after having the Ex for about 6 months I am finally coming up on my graduation day from High school and the number one thing I was thinking about the whole time is what should I do with my graduation money to the Ex. hahaha. Right when I got my money for graduation i went to Car Toys (bad decision, now that I'm a little more educated) and I purchased 2 brand new 10" pioneer subs a 500 watt amp and got it all installed in my ex and that took up all my money haha. But it really fixed my sub problem! Also got a pretty cheap Pioneer deck from Outrageous Audio. This is what I was running for awhile no more upgrades for the time being until I found this site and got my idea to lift my Ex right then my running boards came off and I bought 31x9.50 Hercules A/T tires and this is where my Ex is currently at.



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May 20, 2010
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Yea I have a couple updates. Manual hubs now are on along with all new ball joints and tie rod ends. Its driving like a charm now. Also wanting to figure out how to change my trans fluid soon because I don't know when the last time ita been changed haha. Other than that I'll post up some picture of all the updates said above and all the new updates tonight. O and after the the ball joints I had to get rid of the big tires and wheels because I didn't have a full set so hopefully soon I'll be in the market for some new shoes to get my wheels back on.