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red.EDDIE.4x4's Explorer Registry

Name: Tyler
Truck: 1993 Eddie Bauer Explorer

welp...this is my baby. got her in the fall of 2007 as a gift from an elderly woman at my church. she bought it right off the showroom floor when it was brand new, and she kept it in excellent condition. the only real driving she did was to church, grocery store, and to the flower shop (which she put a tarp in the back so no dirt would get in the carpet). when i got her she had a whopping 54k on the odometer! and of course the paint was in scratch less.

just after a fresh coat of black on the grill and the wipers.

aint she beautiful?

now comes lift time!

what its got:
Rough Country 4 inch lift
1.5 inch coil seats
Warn Manual hubs
Sway bar disconnects
new brakes all around
disk 8.8 from an 01'
4.88 gears not locked

Rebuilt A4LD with shift kit
Manual mod for electric bw1354 (check my sig)
fully rebuilt 4.0- bored to 3.992, comp cam, new heads, new bottom end, smith bros push rods
motorcraft plugs
9 mm wires
TB mod/cable mod
air box mod into fender well
hi flow cat (straight thru)
flowmaster 40
2.5 inch side pipe.

33x12.5x15 Firestone A/Ts
Cragar soft 8s

4x100 watt floods on top
2x55 watt rear flood lights
red LED interior lights under all the seats

Dual 100 watt FM/CD/USB/iPod/Aux stereo
4 Alpine type S speakers
stock jbl amps
10" kicker comp
custom ported fibreglass stealth sub enclosure.
Cobra 19 III CB/PA
30 watt PA horn
6 switch, switch board in center console
2 pillar mount gauges, water temp and vacuum.
2 dash mount gauges, oil pressure and trans temp

48" highlift (mounted in cargo area)
total of 60 feet of cable, chain, and strap
good ol' come-a-long:)
big cross lug wrench
spare tire (33x12.5 BFG M/T)
misc tools, sockets, and 1 3/8 wrench (under drivers seat within reach);)
gallon of 10w-30
few quarts of ATF
case of water bottles
change of clothes

shes my DD so thats about it...nothin too crazy:exporange...

liftin her up








roof rack time!
why pay nearly 500 for something when you can make it for 50!




the stereo system
had a nice alpine stolen due to the lack of security system. now im runnin the cheapie dual deck at wally world.
but heres my custom sub enclosure powered by the stock amps.





this is it for now. but ive got some big plans when mid july comes. ill let you guys see what im talkin about. ;)

Thanks guys! :salute: happy trails.

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Rock auto was a no go for front gears huh? That sucks.

yes it was, thankfully they will allow me to return them due to the site saying the gears will fit. however they will not fit. sadly the cheapest set i can find are yukon and are about $350... if you ever see the axle code D2 or 42 feel free to pull the front pumpkin. ill paypal you or somethin

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Ok. But PayPal wouldn't be necessary, because you're an hour away.

That tells me to hunt for own set. I found a set in Texas for 200 used. That might be the way to go. I drive a flatbed semi into Texas frequently, so pickup wouldn't be hard at all.

still an arm and a leg... thanks for the link Jeremy.

after driving it for the past few weeks with 4.10s, i think i may jump ship and try 4.56's. with 33s, on the highway it feels like my engine is almost bogging at 65 mph. and my rpms are somewhere just under 2000, which is not the greatest.

on performance off road center, i can buy a 8.8 ring and pinion AND d35 RR ring and pinion for a total of $275 in the 4.56 ratio.

Facebook pictures look really good man, I'm not really a 1st gen guy like I said but trying to talk myself out of selling one of mine...

Thanks for the kind words. mr. cribb and i have been going back and forth on what to do, but i decided last night to try and sell it first. if it doesnt sell, then i'll sell Jeremy (mr.cribb) my lift and anything else he wants. Sorry you had to find out this way Jeremy, my phone has been acting up.