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Roof rack light upgrade - LED lightbar & bricks

As some of you know, I've had 4 "Walmart specials" on my roof rack for years. Finally decided to upgrade, as the new LED light bars blow any existing incandescents out of the water. Additionally, prices have come down dramatically in recent years. I got a 30'' bar from Trail Worthy Fab for only $260. More accurately, I asked for this bar and was given it as a Christmas gift. :D Regardless, 3-4 years ago, this would have been a $1,000 bar. The guys at Trail Worthy Fab were very good to work with - great on communication, responsive and friendly. Highly recommend. :thumbsup:

I also picked up a pair of "2x2" square LED lights from TUFF to mount in the rear to assist with lighting when I'm backing up. The stock reverse lights do NOTHING, so these are a welcome addition.

Anyway, they've been sitting in my apartment because of how awful our winter was, and I finally had a free weekend with decent weather and got 'em and running. I am extremely pleased. The light output of the 30'' bar is unbelievable. Everyone who has seen it light up is blown away. Couldn't be happier with how it turned out - it really turns night into day.

The 2x2s are also extremely bright and I love them also. They're on a separate switch in the cab.

Onto the fun stuff - photos!

The old...


The new!




Light output BEFORE AND AFTER:

Before - just headlights:


After - headlights and LED bar:




Rears lit up:


Light output:


Highly recommend both of these lights. I am thrilled with how bright they are - my favorite mod in years. :thumbsup:

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Nice truck Jason.

Very nice Jay! I just got done with my front bumper and was looking for a 20-24" light bar to recess into it so I'm gonna check into these! Looks much better then the separate lights too, much cleaner.

Looks great! Nice job on the mounting. Did you ever catch the old lightbar/ roofrack on low hanging branches in tight trails? I always seem to find something low hanging I have to squeeze under.

Thanks guys.

Pollarican - yes, they would brush up against low hanging branches in the pines on the tighter trails. I had them such that if they took a shot, they would just bend at the joint and point up, so they never really got damaged. I'd just hop up there and re-aim them.

I even whipped the truck into a garage once (thinking I was in my Honda - FAIL) and CRUSHED that clearance bar thing that hangs on chains. All 4 lights were bent back but no real damage.

I will have to be more careful with this bar, as it will not be as forgiving as there is no flex in the mount.

This looks amazing. Do you know what brand of LED's are in your 30" bar?

Sorry for the delay - they're Cree LEDs.

Love seeing more of these light bars used now a days. Looks really good on that roof rack.