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Rubicon-Aug. 28-Sept. 1st.

Tom, where exactly would we be meeting up? it doesn't look like there is much out there near the beggining of the trail :D Where is the "last chance" gas station?

Is South Lake Tahoe the closest place to the trail that has a motel?



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Sorry off-topic here

Tom, how much did you have to hack away to fit 35's? Did you do any more upgrades to get them under the rig? I am getting close to wanting to get new tires and was figuring I would try some out if I knew what all I would have to hack up.


Hi Ryan, I'm taking the car in this weekend to have it worked on. I'll try to convince the mech. to take some fotos. I compared the new tires to my old 33s and the diference is outstanding. The Pro-comps I bought stand about 3 ins. taller. My old tires are Duelers and were not true 33s. I'll keep you posted.
Rick is also going to have to hack away on his rig. He bought 35x13.50 rock crawlers.

Rick, I'll get you some more info this week on were to stay.

Hi Peter, how was your return trip. The article by Rick Russell is excelent. When will you get the fotos from the trip I can't wait to see them. I can use them for before and after comparison. Talk to you soon.

Tom, the fotos are in the mail to be developed. I normally shoot slides and send them away to a pro lab. Takes about a week.
Again, it was a great trip and a lot of fun.
To fill in anybody who might be interested. Tom (FAKRWEE) had a new transfer case installed in preparation for the Rubicon run on Aug. 29 and wanted to test it.
We (Tom and I) went up to Big Bear in SoCal this past Wednesday for a shakeout run. We did the John Bull trail which is rated 'most difficult' by the forest department and as a mini Rubicon by Tom. I left my stocker at the beginning of that trail. I spotted Tom thru the tough sections and took some pictures. We did another trail (3N08 and a side spur that dead ended) after the John Bull with me driving my own truck. For anybody that was there, I would put that on equal to about 'Top of the World' at Moab.
Tom's Navajo was awesome, just crawled over and thru everything. Can't wait for the real thing (RUBICON). :D

By the way, we didn't run into any fire damaged areas or closed trails.

Tom are we the only ones who are registered for this run?? Char has been trying to persuade me to do the Colors Run, but I can't do both. You see Char can go with to CO but not to Rubicon.

Rick, as of last count there is 4 to six rigs. You, Colin, who was at Moab and did Lions back and just installed 35s so he's crazy to try them, acompanying him is Winter who did my body work for the 35s, your friend with the TJ, and two friends of mine with jps from Canyon City 4x4. There could be one or two more but it's not sure. I think 4-6 rigs is perfect for the Rubicon.
I'm really sorry that Char can't make it. I was real happy thinking she was. She has a cool way of keeping things interesting.
I know how it is being married myself. Hope you can make it and Char find a way to negotiate the time off.
Keep me posted.

I'm sorry to say, but there is not way I can go to Rubicon. :( It's the very first week of school. If I don't set the tone at the beginning of the year then I struggle getting the kids under control all year. I know Rick would really like to do both, but just can't swing it. I know he'll keep you posted.

Really sorry to hear that Char, but I know what you mean by giving an example. If you talk the talk you should walk the walk, thats the only way kids respect you these days.

I just wish there was a happy medium to the trips. I feel bad wanting Rick to go but knowing you can't make it and he can't do both trips. I was hoping to have you as a spotter on board as I practiced doing the little sluice blindfolded for the Rubicon Pirates try out next year. Oh well.

Everything will work out.

Rick, I found a book in on Rubicon. The name is 4 wheelers guide to the Rubicon trail by William C. Teie. It has history, Geology, Maps and 3D pictures of the trail. It'll give you a preview of the trail. Hope you can make it. I told the July group to leave stuff hidden on the trail so we can go on a treasure hunt on our trip.

Rubicon August

Well Tom guess what, I found out on Friday that i did get the time off work and Winter and I are in for sure for the august 28th - Sep. 1st trip! You were right I am going crazy waiting to try out the 35's. Only 6 more weeks! I'll have to get some info on where to stay the night before also for a good nights sleep before we hit the trails. I'm sure we'll get back to each other to figure everything out. Take care,

Hi Colin & Winter sorry I took so long in getting back to you guys. I´m out of the country and with no computer. BUT boy was I glad to hear the good news. This is shaping out to be one hell of a run. Three tricked out exploreres running 35s. We¨re going to show up the jpers fer sure. On my last trip my biggest problem was clearance. Not any more. Anyway I will be talking to you guys soon. Do you guys think you can call in sick next Wednesday. Peter and I are going to Big Bear. Let me know. I hate to be a bad influence so do not get in trouble.
See ya soon

Hi Guys, 33 days and a wakeup to go. Pretty soon we'll have to start planning logistics for the trip.
Rick, if we break out Thusday can you travel to Co. on Friday and do the Sat. Sun. run. I'd do it myself but I have a family thing that weekend. Me and the rest of the group can do some exploring on Friday.

I think the problem with that idea, Tom, is how does he get me? It would be way out of the way to swing down to Phoenix to get me and then up to Colorado. Unless, of course, there's someone from AZ that I could hitch a ride with. I also don't know what we can afford. We won't know anything until we get the bill from FST. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ I do like your thinking though. Maybe, we can work it out. We'll keep you posted.

char - you could always fly to SLC (~$100) with Southwest, and he could pick you up..

It's on the way.


Tom, I regret to say that I will not be able to join you for the Rubicon run. My truck still isn't finished and I want to have time to iron out any bugs down here before venturing out on a 2 day exploration. We will definately have to do it another time. I can't wait to give it a try.

Please let me know when you will be able to make another trip to Rubicon. Have a great trip, our thoughts will be with you.



Hey, I finally realized what type of challenge to issue to you guys (as requested!).

You have to take a photo, that duplicates a photo we took.

The picture you have to duplicate is at

Your clues:

It's lake. It's not spider lake. You will *know* this place instantly.

If you choose to accept this mission, you will be awarded with one big "Way to go guys!".

If you wish a bigger challenge, let me know, and I'll think of one!

Good luck!

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Rick, I was really sorry to hear the news you couldn't make it. But even though I'm sad you can't make it I applaud your decision and hope everyone learns a lesson from this. Prudence is the better part of valor on the trail. Especially on the Rubicon. We sure will run it in the future. I'm already making plans for next year. Only next year I'll have the 9in. in front with 38's and 5.10 gears and radical body work. I'll probaly custom build my own fenders to get max travel. Wow am I funning a fever today. Happy trails and you and Char have a great time with all the wonderful people that are going.