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So the Explorer is now 13 years old

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August 25, 1999
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And I think its time to give her a little TLC to maintain her good running. The odometer is well past 200k, and I've done some pretty harsh things to her on trails. So instead of investing more money into my Mustang, I figured I would throw some the Explorers way.

What would be good to start replacing?

I destroyed my steering box last time I went wheeling, so thats a definite replacement. Fuel injectors had crossed my mind, as they are OE. Rebuilding the T case was another thought, are rebuild kits available for it? What are some of your guys thoughts?

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how about get rid of that ttb?

oh and fixing that winch:salute:

U guys go 'wheelin' 2gether don't ya'??

Have you had to replace the electric fuel pump yet? That's a common failure on older Ex's. It may be best to save your pennies since you may end up replacing "good" parts and then wind up with something else breaking...

throw it a bot mitzvahs (sp?)

U guys go 'wheelin' 2gether don't ya'??

ya the funny thing is he is the angel on the shoulder saying dont do that, and he breaks stuff more.

ya the funny thing is he is the angel on the shoulder saying dont do that, and he breaks stuff more.

Yeah why am I the one always breaking something? While John is overheating, and nursing a dead alternator, I'm busting out my back glass and trashing my steering box:p:

And the winch is being repaired, slowly but surely. I think I may go with a synthetic line instead of the cable......

As far as replacing the ttb, that will happen once I get a real job. The fuel pump has been replaced once, but I need to replace it again as my fuel gauge now reads empty all the time.

I would look at the brake lines. That old rubber can get brittle over the years.

I guess mine is 13 years old too now. Hard to believe.

Drop some silicone spray on all of the door seal rubbers, and wipe them down good....will prolong their life too.

I imagine the whole intake (upper intake manifold, lower manifold, etc.) is probably pretty grimed up with varnish. At least all of the old one's I have seen were. Sometimes the only way to get rid of it is to unbolt it and scrub.

Fuel injectors is a good idea. But if it were me I would probably only replace them if they were bad. If they were just really dirty I would prob pull them and soak them.

Brake lines were upgraded when I did my suspension lift, and the fluid was changed not too long ago when I replaced my calipers.

The silicone spray is a good idea, that I will do. And the thought had crossed my mind to disassemble the upper intake and spray it all out with some cleaner.

Tomorrow the new steering box is going in, so new steering fluid will go along also.

Other things that crossed my mind: battery cables, ball joints, tie rod ends...I've had zero problems with my U joints, but they've never been replaced. Yay or nay?