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Texans for Moab


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April 25, 2000
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Calling all Texans!

Why don't we organize on this thread when we're planning on driving up for Moab 2001 so we can plan caravans.

Here's my info:
From Houston to Moab, planning on arriving in Moab on May 17th and leaving on 21st. Could possibly extend one day to arrive on the 16th. Do not know how to get to Moab yet, but thinking about stopping in Denver, maybe taking 2.5 days to get to Moab. Could drive to Dallas or Austin to meet up with people.

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Trip Planning...

Alec, I can't go this year. However, Me and Rod did a lot of planning last year.

Drive Time from DFW is right at 15 hrs. I did Crested Butte in 13 hours last week.

If you go the Southern route, It's quicker to take 40 West. and go up Rt 666 throught the Navaho Resv. to MOAB.

Northern Route
It's more scenic and you bypass all the Traffic problems of Abq. if you go North in Amarillo to Dumas, Dalhart, then Raton N.M. This will eventually tie in to Hwy 50 in CO.

You never get to Denver unless you want to go farther North.

Plan on 1 1/2 days driving.

Good Luck and have Fun

Cool, thanks for all the info. I don't do road trips much, so the help is greatly appreciated.

BTW, sorry you won't be making it to Moab. I was looking forward to seeing your truck in action. There's always next year!

Hey Alec,

E-mail the Driving directions that you will be taking, so that way I can meet up with you and we can make most of the trip together.

I was planning on leaving at 6 PM on the 15th and driving straight through. That way I could get some good sleep before we head out on the trails.

Looks like Kris and I will be caravaning up to Moab. We'll probably meet up in Austin on the 15th and arrive in Moab late afternoon/early evening on the 16th. I already extended my KOA reservation to start on the 16th (really easy, took 5 minutes to call). This way we'll be able to run on Thursday, but take it a bit easy until the fun really starts on Friday. I'll try to buy some maps today to figure the route out.


One of my favorite places... You can plan a road trip to meet up with other or just use driving directions to get a direct/fastest route...

A word of caution about Mapquest . . .

I agree that Mapquest is a wonderful tool, particularly for short, around town-type driving directions. Be careful though, when planning longer trips. Sometimes their directions aren't quite as up-to-date, and may suggest ridiculous, completely out-of-the-way routes, even in big cities like Houston and Dallas.

very true about map quest, it's given me some really weird directions from where I live in N. Houston to the other side, often going way out of the way, adding lots more drive time. Also, sometimes it lists streets that don't exist anymore, or that never did