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Truckhaven Oct. 21st -23rd 20th Anniversary Run Part 2

Honestly, it was a lot of fun watching all the dogs run and play together. :)

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I didn't take many pictures, but I did purchase a set of these for Char........and any other little kid who is playing around the RV bedroom slide.
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:laugh::snicker:Now that right there is funny!! How's your head today Char.

Thanks for the great trip. Thanks to BKennedy for the winch out of the tires at the park and Maniak for saving me from sliding off the ridge. Thanks Froader for a great pic. Hope you don't mind me using it for my avatar.

My avatar is also a Froader original

She still needs more sleep!:)





Found these on my phone. Night run, immediately following a discussion about how easy it was to drop into a canyon out there at night.


Someone forgot me by the campfire! Zukman was kind enough to give me a ride, he says I will be at truck haven in January. It's kinda crowded down here in the underbelly of the motorhome with all the other chairs, tables, and wow I don't even want to know what that thing is!!
Please let zukman know if you are missing me. He only collects misfit explorers, not missing chairs!

It's an extra chair we found. We brought it back hoping it's owner would claim it. Unfortunately, nobody claimed it and we forgot it. If somebody else says it it theirs, please give it to them. If nobody else comes forward, we will take it back home.