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"TURDLE" or " How to mess up a perfectly good truck"

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Well, it is about time I do this
This is our 1998 Mountaineer.
We acquired it in late 2000, with 29 k on the odometer. Previously it prowled the Oklahoma turnpike as an unmarked police cruiser.

I would say it was about June-2001, when the initial madness set in, and I became obsessed with changing the looks.
I found Explorer Express, Where I scored the x-spec suspension.
After talking with John V., I learned of the Apten group buy here, and the rest is as they say, history.
In June of 2002, I acquired an exhaust leak. Being the expert I thought I was, I bought a header gasket set, went to fix it.
Well, in my thinking I didn't have the front bolt tight enough, I snapped it off into the head---ooops.
After pouting about this for awhile, I decided to really get into this site for answers.
The result--

347 cubic inch, stroked and bored engine

FMS sportsman block-bored .030 over and machined for stroke
Billet crankshaft with chev rod journals
H-beam ultra light rods
Probe PRS forged pistons -9cc dish ( slightly over 10:1 compression)
Melling stock volume oil pump
Edelbrock performer efi heads 2.02 intake, 1.60 ex valve 58cc chambers
Crane's roller lifters--billet aluminum lifter guides
Crane's roller rockers
comp cams pushrods
Cloyes true billet double timing set.
FMS X-303 camshaft, advanced 4 degrees
Professional products Typhoon intake and EGR elbow, with 1" phenolic spacer
FMS 42 lb injectors
Aeromotive fuel rails, boost reference regulator ( currently set to 43 psi.)
Walbro 255LPH fuel pump--return style 3402
Lightning MAF
Torquemonster headers--stock exhaust with rear cats removed--magnaflow dula in single out-Hooker Aerochamber stacked right behind, 3" mandrel bent MAC tailpipe.
Art Carr 3000 RPM flash lockup converter ( 10 " billet housing)
Art Carr built valvebody kit
Amsoil fluids in all otherwise stock components. ( since I change my oil early and often, I use the least expensive synthetic oil. Usually Amsoil, but sometimes I will use Mobil 1)

AWD IS OUT!! 4406 4X4 IS IN!


As of 2-17-08
I mentioned the truck being a poilice cruiser in it's first life-
well, this caused a little "glitch"
While the PCM says it is a NRT1 box code, somewhere along the line a police code was flashed into the PCM.
My original paperwork shows a dealer service call for a PCM reflash right before the title was signed over. I am assuming the police tune was recovered, and a stock tune re loaded.
they didn't mention they loaded it with a MC2O box code.
After 2 trials with the initial run tune, I actually read the box code with the XCAL2 and James deteremined This error.

Once this was figured out-the tuning was ON!!!

Baseline tuning is complete and all is well. I'm waiting on a new Innovate LM-1 wideband for WOT tuning.
Somehow mine took a dump,
I spent a whole day trying to figure it out. If it had been operating though it would have been a breeze.

James ( jah81592) is about the best help a guy could ask for in this area.


Tuning complete-after a few WOT pulls to 6000 rpm's
James has not only achieved a great tune in my truck, but totally eliminated the surging issues I was experiencing.


Truck now lifted for trip to Colorado Gold mine trails--page8

Update 4
colorado trip completed-Imogene pass and Black bear pass have been driven in this truck
woo hoo!!
picture of black bear pass-

update 5
On Sept 19, 2008 Went to KCIR and ran a 14.8 @ 90mph---2.002 60 ft time
I was snoozing and did everything wrong. It has more in it.

Update 6

After drooling over Mountaineergreen's extensive suspension mod list for years-

With a feeling of guilt, for not doing the actual work myself, I have acquired his

4" superlift suspension lift,
410 gears
aussie locker in rear
disconnect front diff--- http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=188359
double cardan front drive shaft ---http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=185232

285-75-16" cooper discovery sst (33") tires


Exhaust Dumps installed 4-15-2009
These allow the exhaust to be opened right after the cats.

new pics as of 3-16 2009





update 8

Added another stock trans cooler beside original, installed hard lines and twin 10" cooling fans


They seemed to work just fine


Update 9

Sliders installed!!!



I used Smoked chrome powder coat on front and rear bumpers, sliders, and wheels make for a factory look match
Bumper pictures are before slider install-



Next up--Get rid of torsion bar drop brackets, and, the bars themselves.

I also have some mild white neon tube rock lights, some very bright 55w rock lights, and, 6 rock llight of death tubes ( to be shown later)

stay tuned!!


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Turdle, back to a street truck? There goes any chances I may have had at first place on the drag pole:( Either way, good luck on what you decide and hope it all works out;)

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i hate to hear this,, this kind of really sucks,,Turdle is a staple of what an Ex can do, drag race and tear up trails,,

can i buy that lift kit ?

FYI, the right cam made for the heads and intake does not lose any power at any rpm compared to any lesser intake or heads. My 347 truck will tow if I need it to, my torque peak should be 3700, which yes is not low. But it will make more power at 1000-1500rpm than any 302 with any cam/intake/head etc. I'm not picking fights, just informing people that low end power is not lost if the parts are properly chosen(by an expert). Regards,

Yes, but doesn't he have a 3000rpm stall? Wouldn't that be a no-no for towing or does it really not matter?

Yes they are part of the transmission but they're all part of his build for the track. Yes cooling is one part of the towing capacity, but he also needs power, and that motor was not built to make good power in the rpm range he'll be towing at.

Ah but it does. It takes quite a hill to even make it unlock the torque converter, much less downshift from OD. It lugs very well. Surprisingly well in fact.
This engine has way more torque at 2000 rpms than the stock one did.

There you go, keep it.

Times change... Hard to make some decisions, mine in the garage is to the point I just want to haul it off... Scrap.

Hated to sell my '96 damn good running and still a great daily with V8. But money was right and times called for new ride.

As for yours make it a daily driver. Surely it wouldnt take to much.

Yeah I have been watching your truck and build for quite sometime. Had some things in life change my direction and now I can barely stand to see my old ride.

Do what you feel is right cause inside your the only one who has to deal with it. Well and the wifes thoughts matter some too. LOL

Thanks, hope life is treating you well too.

Well, so I talked this over with my lovely bride.

Me" going to lower it back down"

Her" no, we have too much fun with it. I thought you liked it"

Me" Well, honey it has reached the point where we broke it. We need a big solid axle under there with a bit higher lift"

Her" Well, do what you have to do then"

Me" It would probably take a dana 60 or the like"

Her" ok, whatever this is beyond me"

You guys are great teachers. I think I 'm getting the hang of this stuff--

I wish my Ranger had the parts you needed:(

I still think you should go street. You already have an off-road truck. How was the gas mileage, ride, handling and reliability of the street setup compared to after you lifted it? Plus, it wouldn't hurt to have more street runners around here in KS. Good luck with whatever you do!!!


I had that same conversation with my wife as well, it went the complete opposite.... Heh Heh

What ever you decide to do I cant wait to see it!!



I had that same conversation with my wife as well, it went the complete opposite.... Heh Heh

What ever you decide to do I cant wait to see it!!


Try taking her along, then get in the middle of nowhere, all alone, and break it.

Oh, if there might be bears in the area, and, it is getting late in the day, that will add to the visual presentation.



You could do something like I'm doing - I have my '93 for expeditioning and wheeling, and my '06 FX4 Level II for non-extreme off-road use.

You've seen my '93. I keep the '06 clean and shiny, the V6 is mildly build and the truck runs good/hard, and I take it on mild off-road excursions.

The nice thing is, if either one is being worked on, I can drive the other one! (Apparently, at this stage of my life, I will only drive a 4WD truck!)

Having 2 4x4 rigs to maintain can be daunting. A real strain on the pocket book. Gas for both is a royal PITA. I can see a trailer rig, and a DD rig. That would work.

I like Scott, have two 4x4 rigs, and the great part about it is, if one is down, the other is there. I had both down at the same time once, that sucked. It is a good idea to own a good old fashioned Bicycle if that happens. :)

...The only thing I can add about having two vehicles, them both being 4x4, maintaining two of said vehicles, and being able to afford the upkeep, one must be a Ranger...That is all...:D

Well, I am about as tired as you are, of me asking "what do I do? What do I do?

So,there comes a point when you just throw your hands up, and say What the heck.

This truck is going full width. This will make steering a bit easier to deal with from what I read so far.

Since we aren't doing hard core rock crawling, and, 35's are the tire size,

I would like to try maybe an f150 9" -d 44 combo. with 456 gearing. Definitely a coil sprung front.

The main reason, is to increase wheel travel for a smoother ride on the bumpy stuff.

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So what does this mean for the chop top?

Well, we have some children with children. We both agreed it would be fun to bring some of them along, maybe let our son in law drive one of the trucks to go remote site camping and exploring. We need to get some fish slime and dirt on those kids quick. My favorite spot for this I have found , so far, is along Tin Cup Pass. It is a pretty rough road.

However, you can camp within feet of dozens of Beaver ponds which extend for a couple of miles.

The goal is navigation of this type terrain, without breaking, because to be honest I am still not moving well, and I know the pre colorado thrash, combined with the thrash we went through there did it.

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