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Virginia Explorers - GWNF Offroad Run Nov 2012

Camp fishfood

Maybe if i know when we are going to be there, i can have a friend who likes to fly, pass over and photo us. That way you can have an aerial photo for the club website etc.

Since it will be hot, i can have the campsites that are just accross the street from the house (off the upper elipse) raked and ready to go so you guys can have actual shady campsites. A couple 12 gauge ext cords for fans, lights and you guys are set.

Maybe even have a band on the front porch for after the fireworks. Sounds like an excuse for a party to me.:D

jd, sorry about your truck last time....mine didnt fair so well either. Xeek sorry to hear about your misfortune too (whatever that was).

if you guys think you want to do a camp spike trip that weekend. Someone should start a new thread.... i would do it but i dont know if i remember how, or if i ever knew how.

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Count me in.

I've got a new bumper I need to put a few dents in...

Hope you got 4x4 this time...going to need it to drag that bumper around!! Lol jk:D

^ i know, 300lb bumper lol

stacy, the monday after i got back, i got fired. it wasnt related to me taking vacation at all lol. i still havent gotten a new job yet. :( but i actually should have a job starting tomorrow.. its not set in stone yet, but kinda sorta is.
im glad im gone, we hated each other, he was two faced. so im glad he told my boss to #### me over and fire me.

ill go ahead and make the thread :D
july 3rd through july 7th? plan to be there morning of the 3rd, leave the afternoon of the 7th?

new thread

thanks xeek,

good luck on the job search.

let me know when the new thread is up and i will subscribe.... i will borrow a neighbors tractor and start moving some stuff (sapplings)around to build and mulch the campsites. i am thinking six sites with three shared picnic tables. Of course ther are numerous fairly level sites on the next knoll in the area of the mud pit as well. If you want to be far from the house then you can camp along the river banks.