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Wire harness chafing impact on AC?


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October 2, 2012
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07 EB
Dear ExMen, I have a not-so-new-to-me 2007 EB v8. Been my daily driver for 8 months. I put on 16,000 of the total 91,000 miles.

The history:
In October, had a hot few days and the AC ran great. All winter the defroster performed flawlessly.

In March, and only on start up, it began started sounding throaty for about 25 seconds. Two weeks later, still just on start up and for about 30 seconds, it went into full boat rumble - the passenger side manifold had a small crack. So, into the dealer it went first week of April to replace the manifold and get 90,000 mile check up. All fixed. Runs great and got a clean bill of health.

But, last week it got sunny and warm... and the AC did not work. Fuse OK, diode ok, I think I hear the AC clutch, So ==> back to dealer. Found an open in wire harness to compressor.

The questions:
Q1: Is the wire harness to the compressor anywhere *near* the passenger side manifold? They said they had an awful time getting two of the bolts out to replace the manifold, and I just hate coincidences. There were two different technicians: one for the manifold and a second on the AC problem so there is no reason for #2 to suspect the open was anything but spontaneous.
Q2: Is there a known chafing problem on the harness that feeds the compressor? I didn't see a TSB on the harness here ==> http://www.automd.com/recall-tsb/search/?year=108&make=19&model=361


By the way, getting 19.5 to 21.0 MPG with 80% hwy and 20% city through the winter - seems awfully good!

A good portion of the AC wiring/vehicle wiring does run through that general area so it is possible that they could have somehow hooked a bundle of wires when they were working on the manifold, but it all comes down to where the short/break in the wire was since the compressor is on the other side of the vehicle.
To my knowledge there is no known issues of wire chafing since all of the wires under the hood are shielded/protected very good.

thanks for the reply

Thanks for the feedback. It turned out the service manager felt it was likely given the complications over the 3 days it took to replace the manifold - per the service rep. They put a credit on my account.