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    Dead Head Unit?

    I recently got a 1995 Explorer Eddie Bauer with the JBL audio system. The only problem with the whole vehicle is the radio won't power on. When the car is completely off, and I hold the clock button, the time will display. When I turn the ignition and everything comes on, the clock no longer...
  2. K

    Retractable 3.5MM AUX Cable

    I got a new Pioneer 6.1" touch screen head unit for my 04 Sport Trac. Its one of the units with the USB and AUX cables mounted on the backside. Anyone know of such a product that I can mount under my dashboard that lets me pull out my AUX cord when in use and then I can just retract it back...
  3. T

    2006 Explorer Radio Wont Turn On

    Hello all, I recently had an alternator replaced as well as a new battery on my 2006 Explorer. After the alternator was replaced, the only electrical issue I had was with my Kenwood Radio not turning on. I've got a KDC-X595. I checked all of the fuses, and none are blown. Is there...
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    96 EB subwoofer not working

    so i have a 96 eb, and as far as i can tell there's nothing wrong, no broken wires no blown fuses, nothing, one day i noticed there is nothing coming out of that subwoofer at all, so other then checking the obvious, fuses wires and whatnot, is there a way to test that power is getting to the amp...
  5. Z

    factory dvd installation

    I am trying to install a factory overhead dvd system into my 2004 explorer which never had a dvd system in it. I have the dvd player/mounting bracket and the factory wiring harness all the way up to the radio(all of these were out of a wrecked 2003 mercury mountaineer). I took my radio out and...
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    List of How To's - Audio Forum

    General Guides: How to: Change Speakers; Most Models; Lots of Pictures How to: Wire Factory Subwoofer to an Aftermarket Radio How to: Remove a Stuck Cassette Tape From Radio (Pictures and Video) How to: 2011+ (5th Generation) Audio Upgrades How to: Replace Defective Audiophile CD Changer...
  7. B

    Strange electrical issues help please

    This issue has been posted several times in the past 10 years, but none of those posters followed up to explain their fix.......... 1993 limited 4.0 4wd Dome light, radio, drivers electric seat, all not working and the unlock button flashes the headlights! Also the remote does not work - but...
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    1998 Ford Explorer XLT Aftermarket Radio

    Hey all, Sorry if this has been answered before. I am new to the site and still working my way around. I couldn't find anything close to what I needed so I figured I would make a new thread. As in the title, I have a 98 Ford Explorer XLT and I am working on installing an aftermarket radio...
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    Stereo/Radio Grounding out

    when ever i take a right turn going over like 10mph my radio grounds out or when just my right tire drops like when going over a bump or hitting a pot hole. im defiantly not an electrical guy so i have no idea where to look. the turning made me think steering wheel but then with the bump i was...
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    Stereo Grounding out

    when ever i take a right turn going over like 10mph my radio grounds out or when just my right tire drops like when going over a bump or hitting a pot hole. im defiantly not an electrical guy so i have no idea where to look. the turning made me think steering wheel but then with the bump i was...
  11. W

    2001 XLT Radio Problems

    Ok, so this is what happened from start till now. First my truck would not start sometimes, turns out it was just a bad grounding cable, so i got a replacement, go to hook the batter back up, but I put the connectors on the wrong terminals and the horn starts blowing, sparks and the whole 9...
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    Looking for suggestions for a Bluetooth head unit

    I have an 08 xlt with the standard audio package ( no factory sub). I want to swap the head unit for something that has Bluetooth built in, I would also like to find something that has the mic built into the unit rather than running cable and mounting it somewhere. Any suggestions for decent...
  13. R

    New radio help

    I am attempting to install a Pioneer deh-36ui radio into my 97 Explorer xl I got a Scosche stereo connector FDK106 and connected all the wires, but when I connected to the car, the radio was on and working but there was no sound. Any suggestions? Is there a secret mute button that I don't...
  14. N

    Pinout diagram for 6 CD radio

    Does anybody have a pinout diagram for the 6 CD Radio? 2002 explorer. no subwoofer, no rear controls, no rear entertainment. I wanted to see if there is a way to hook up a 3.5mm jack to the cd changer input on the back of the unit. I know there is 2 inputs on the back (one for main hookup and...
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    How to: Change Speakers; Most Models; Lots of Pics

    Hey everyone, This is a 97 Explorer with the premium sound system. This guide applies to all 1991-2001 Ford Explorers. It also does apply to every other Explorer, including Sport Tracs, but may be slightly different. Specifically, panel removal. You will need: Screwdriver Panel...
  16. S

    Issues with speakers 2011 Exp

    Anyone have issues such as a vibration sound coming from front speakers (seems to only be driver side) when radio (any channel FM or Sirus)? This isn't all of the time, sporadically. I've tried adjusting bass etc. doesn't help. Thanks!
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    Got nowhere in audio specific, maybe here somebody will have an answer

    I have a JBL headunit in my 97 EB, at least it says JBL on the tape deck. But there is no sub in the vehicle. I have the storage pocket. Has anyone heard of a JBL system without the sub? I don't know why anyone would go through the trouble to pull the sub enclosure out and put the pocket in...
  18. M

    2001 Sport New Head Unit

    I would like to replace my old radio with something new. Choosing a unit isn't the hard part, but finding the correct way to wire it up seems to be. I don't want to open up the dash and find out it doesn't work. I had seen this part and was wondering if it would be what I would need...
  19. F

    Help Please- Radio Problem

    So I was working in my girlfriends 2005 Sport Trac, and thought it would be nice to install some led strips in her footwells (done it plenty of time in other cars.) She has the stock radio, so (with everything disconnected of course) I cut constant line and splice in the positive light line...
  20. 0

    Headunit Install HELP!!

    Hey guys, Im trying to do a simple head unit install in my 02 Explorer XLT, theres NO sub, all stock stereo. BUT!! the radio does stay on when i turn the car off and take the key out (until i open the door) Im starting to read that this matter (please clarify for me) Ill list out what I have and...
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    Please HELP!!!

    Hey there! I have a big problem on my hands. My 96 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer is having (what I believe are) electrical issues. This morning when I was dropping my boyfriend off at work, my lights did some crazy things. First, when I reached the top of my driveway, the dashboard lights kept...
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    Wanted: 95 Explorer Radio harness

    Good Morning, I am looking for a Radio harness from a 95 Explorer, the original harness. Mine was cut, so I got butt connectors for my after market radio, but I want to get the original harness again and Solder it to the original wires, so then I can buy the connector for my new...
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    Radio display problem

    Ok, i know his is a very common problem especially in models 98-01 but my radio display has gone bad and i really want to fix it and if i need a replacment then thats okay too. Any help appreciated.
  24. C

    Need Help!

    I have a 97 explorer that had no radio when I got it. I installed one myself but it will not put out any sound. Anybody know what would cause it not to put out sound. can't get the speakers to make any noise.
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    2013 Explorer Sony radio

    I was wondering if any other owners of the 2013 Limited Explorer with the Sony stock radio are experiencing a 'pulsing' at higher volume levels. No matter the source, once I go above 50% volume a serious pulsing begins with every source. My 'stock' radio is the Sony with 390 watts and 12...