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  1. M

    2001 Sport New Head Unit

    I would like to replace my old radio with something new. Choosing a unit isn't the hard part, but finding the correct way to wire it up seems to be. I don't want to open up the dash and find out it doesn't work. I had seen this part and was wondering if it would be what I would need...
  2. A

    07 ST XLT Customization suggestions

    Hey everybody, I have an 07 XLT that I received from my parents and have been wanting to kinda make it my own vehicle. I've been looking around at some of the other posts and I was just wondering what you guys would suggest for like HID headlights and smoked out lights and stuff. Later I...
  3. T

    2005 Explorer alarm install...STUCK?

    Howdy folks.. I took an an EX projoject that has me stumped. I am installing an alarm in a 2005 EX XLS. I have seen the 2004 mountaneer install as well as many wiring diagrams. I have the relays wired and ready and a pack of 1 amp diodes waiting to be told what where to go :) I have also...
  4. 0

    Headunit Install HELP!!

    Hey guys, Im trying to do a simple head unit install in my 02 Explorer XLT, theres NO sub, all stock stereo. BUT!! the radio does stay on when i turn the car off and take the key out (until i open the door) Im starting to read that this matter (please clarify for me) Ill list out what I have and...
  5. S

    Audio System Questions

    I have 96 Explorer with the premium audio I believe with the 6 CD changer, I know that if I get a new stereo I'll have to ditch the CD changer which I don't have a problem with. First off, I need some suggestions for a new HU and some speakers, all together I would like to keep it around...
  6. K

    99 xlt stereo wiring harness?

    I am switching from stock stereo to a dvd system, and I have been looking online and in stores for 2 days trying to find a wiring harness that matches whats in my car. There are two plugs, one is rectangle with 16 prongs (2 rows of 8), the other is square and has 20 prongs (7, 6, 7 evenly...
  7. N

    Stereo Help!!!

    I am installing a new head unit in my 2003 Ford Explorer XLS and I cannot figure out what the three connections are that come out of the back... The wiring harness that is recommended only hooks up to one of the connections. Are they anything important??? If so, what is the work around?
  8. J

    Explorer Stereo system ideas???

    I have a 2000 Explorer 5.0 XLT and i was some ideas on some good door speakers, HU, 10 inch sub and box, and maybe so tweeter location.... I want the sub to be in the factory spot should i build a box or buy a premade one? i want my system to sound good with all types of music bc i love music...
  9. M

    No Power to Power Antenna

    So after years of terrible radio reception, I finally removed my power antenna module and dug-out the broken plastic cable. However, when I turn my aftermarket stereo on, no power is going to the antenna. I think it may have been disconnected a long time ago. The blue wire from the head unit...
  10. W

    2nd Row bucket seats and other questions

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I ask some stupid questions. I have been reading this forum for some time and really like the 2011 EX. Considering all the problems being discussed, I think it is wise to buy a 2012 model rather than 2011. I have some questions that could...
  11. C

    Replace 2004 XLT Premium stereo with 2004 Adrenalin stereo?

    Hello all. I have a 2004 XLT Premium Sport Trac. It came with a stereo like this one in it: This is the type of wiring harness/plug that came built into the truck: You can see the ports on the back of this original stereo here: I have a stereo from a 2004 Adrenalin sport track...
  12. A

    Which stereo came in my car?

    So i bought my 2000 sport used and someone had replaced it with an aftermarket stereo. about 2 years ago that stereo was stolen and I am now going to purchase a new aftermarket head unit. I was planning on purchasing it from crutchfield and they ask me if it has "premium" sound or "mach" or...
  13. T

    stereo update

    Ok so I finished up my stereo in my trac let me know what you think...
  14. N

    Aftermarket Stereo help!

    I have a 2001 ford ranger edge, all stock. I would like to put In a new stereo, one preferably with the USB port for my iPod to hook up to, or if it comes down to it, an auxiliary cable. I have no clue how many watts i need or if every stereo fits. I do not want the big fancy touchscreen...
  15. A

    Cassette deck not loading?

    Hello! Been a while since my last post but i'm looking for some help! The cassette tape deck in my 2000 explorer sport with premium (not mach) sound system refuses to load tapes as of today. I have been using a Philips tape adapter with my truck for years to play my ipod but today when i...
  16. M

    Help Needed (Wiring New Stereo for '01 ST)

    I have a 2001 Explorer Sport Trac, and I was wondering exactly which wiring harness I need to use to put in a new stereo??? I already have the 6cd factory stereo out of the dash and unhooked, and I also have the install kit face plate that I want, but I've searched and searched and can't seem...
  17. essam

    Explorer 03 XLT stereo.

    Hi all, this is my first post to this forum, hoping to get an answer. i've been looking for an OEM Radio/CD-MP3 changer for my 03 XLT, but honestly i'm very confused that all radios i've got online (said to fit 03 exp) have different plugs than the ones i have in my xlt. The system i have is...
  18. drakeguy22

    ???? on wiring new head unit in 99 Expo XLT

    So im about to wire in my Jensen 7in touch screen dvd/cd head unit into my 1999 Ford Explorer XLT... i bought the wiring harness and dash kit, and the factory stereo removal tool... dammit Ford.... anyway i took the factory cd player out and there is two connectors to the the cd player and in...
  19. F

    Info on audio for 02 Sport Trac

    I just want to know what size of speakers can fit in the doors (front and back) and what kind of head unit fits in the dash
  20. K

    New with a couple of questions

    Thank goodness I found this forum. You have all already helped me a lot, with changing my thermostat, and getting my keyless entry code changed, and I thank everyone! I just bought a very nice 95 4dr that I love. I have a couple of issues, and if anyone can help, I would appreciate it: 1...
  21. A

    1997 mountaineer aftermarket stereo trouble

    hey guys, I run my own car repair business, and I was installing an *older and cheaper* stereo in my customer's car. He wanted to sell the mountaineer and he had this $300 stereo with an LCD screen installed. He wanted to take that one out and put a cheaper stereo in its place. Someone...
  22. E

    1998 Ford Explorer aftemarket hu install???

    I have a 1998 ford explorer with the premium sound package including the cd changer in the center console and the factory sub and amp in the back. i want to replace the stock hu with an alpine ida-x001 deck that i recently purchased as well as install my pioneer amp with 15" kicker. My main...
  23. J

    Stereo-Head Unit Compatibility

    Hey all- as I'm sure we have all encountered at some point or another, the light on my head unit has gone. It's doing the typical fade-in/fade-out when it feels like it and I have finally decided to upgrade it. I have 99' Eddie Bauer Explorer with the Mach Audio system (also has 6-disc CD...
  24. T

    How-To: Rewiring your factory radio

    I recently bought a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport from a private party. It had a few problems here and there, but it was an overall good deal. One of the problems was with the stereo. The couple I bought the Explorer from said that the previous owner had a satellite radio system installed in the...
  25. C

    99 eddie bauer mach stereo problem

    It seems I'm having the same problem as others out there with my (MACH system in a 99 EB) stereo overheating and as a result the display cuts-out but the sound keeps working. I'm considering replacing the head unit completely but would like to know what parts/harneses and how much time and...