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1997 Mountaineer into 1959 Ford F100 Build Diary

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indeed sir, indeed. heres another undated photo...wow, just realized how sore I am now...


Can't believe I missed this! Subscribing.

Say who's that lady on your desktop? That's quite a dress.
Lol nice. My buddy had the thread pulled up and that was the photo that happened to be up lol

Loving the pic's and daily posts. Keep it up, and great job plus entertaining!

Thanks guys for all the positive feedback. And I know how everyone likes pictures :)

Nice corkey, thank you!! I will look into that. It didnt take to long to drill out the spot welds, and considering i am not using the metal again, I really wasnt concerned if I tore it up :D I am just so used to stealing my fathers heavy duty power tools and drill bits :salute:

OK, made some progress tonight. after a fun learning experience with turning body mounts, i got all those off and Craig and i started removal of body. and after the reciprocating saw almost took off my hand on several occasions, the back end sheet metal is off. more to come tomorrow!





Here are some more photos i found of the 59 back when my uncle owned it. Dont know why I didnt throw these up sooner.





keep up the good work

Body is off!!






and looky here...seams where i plan on grafting the frames! handy...


I'm loving the pictures!

Could you possibly get a close up of the top rear of the engine block with the PCV valve in view? There should be a grommet that connects it to the block just below the upper intake on the extreme rear of the engine. That would help some guys looking to do Seafoam through it.

If you're still feeling generous could you get a picture of the top of the transmission as well? I wanted to see if the 4R70W transmission has anti-siphon holes in the vent tube. Some guys who water tight their drivetrain miss that on other transmissions and get pepto bismol looking ATF when water gets in.

keep up the good work, it's looking awesome

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Well, since it is currently 65 degrees outside right now, i took full advantage and rolled the frame outside for a good wash down. Good lord there was a lot of dirt on this thing.




so now I am just waiting for it to dry and for help to arrive to help me push it back in the garage :rolleyes:

meanwhile, while i was at work today, i drew up some rough diagrams illustrating the frame graft:

the frame up top is the explorer from 95-01. just showing wheels and frame and rough locations. the bottom frame is the 59 doing the same thing. Note how much higher the 59 frame is in relation to the explorer frame

Here shows where I will make my cut of both frames. I still need to do all my initial measuring, but this is roughly the idea. I will separate the explorer frame seams right behind the torsion bar anchor brackets, which happens to be 34 inches (same as the entire 59 frame width). The same cut will be made on the 59, approx 40 inches behind the spindle center line.

And then the swap occurs. The biggest thing you will notice is that the explorer frame will not be level with the 59 frame because of the height issue. THIS IS OK. The will be solved a little bit later with the rear suspension change. I also drew in the 59 stock rear leaf springs showing the Spring Over Axle (SOA) setup.

And this is how I solve the severe rake of the frame. I will utilize the explorer Axle Over Spring setup (AOS) and simply graft the entire rear end onto the 59 frame. Without a notch, this will only allow a 1 inch travel, and that will not work, so a notch it is. And because the explorer rear springs are considerably longer then the 59's, I will move out both perches to compensate. Not the best solution, but I think it will work. And thus...

you have the completed frame ready for the 59 body. Just by eyeballing it, there will be a slight rake, but that should be within acceptable tolerances for the explorer front alignment (think caster). And the frame can be leveled back out to stock explorer frame height by simply moving the perches up on the frame, unlike what is depicted below. This will lower the entire truck BODY closer to the ground, which I think will give it a nice look yet still keep the explorer ground clearances. What do you suspension guys think? Input is greatly appreciated!