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Difference between 1997 and 1998 wire harness


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February 28, 2014
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1977 Ford F100
As the title suggests, I am looking to find out the difference between the 1997 and 1998 Ford Explorer 5.0L wire harness.

The back story
I am transplanting a 1998 Explorer 5.0L and 4R70W transmission into a 1977 Ford F100. The original plan was to use everything in the 1998 and have PATS working in the old truck. About 3 weeks into the build, I have decided to go another route. Instead of using the 1998 PCM, I grabbed a 1997 PCM.

Now the question I have is how much different is the wire harness, with the exception of PATS equipment?

I could have sworn I saw something about the differences between the 1997 and 1998 but I can not seem to find it, so excuse me if this has been answered. Kindly point me to the thread and I can extrapolate the information I need. Thanks.

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Maybe I need to rephrase the question.

Are there different sensors on a 1998 motor that were not on the 1997?

The wiring to the valve body in the trans is different between years 97-98. Since your using a 98 harness with a 98 transmission you might be fine. The plugs on the engine will be the same between the years except the TPS, it uses a different sensor but reads the same values I believe.

I am doing a similar swap myself. I am using a 97 harness and computer on 98 drive train in my ranger.

Thanks. This is exactly what I was looking for.

I do think there are some other wiring differences under the hood, cam sensor is different I know. egr? early 97 has internal egr, 98 has external. sensor wiring for this will be changed between the 2 years.

VSS signal comes from transmission (transfer case if 4x4) output in 97, from rear differential in 98

The entire power distribution box is also different. PCM plug wiring configuration may also have changes-

Wow I forgot about the vss. Without a 2wd 97 transmission or a 97 transfer case you will not have a vss input and the transmission will be lost. Are you doing a 2wd or 4wd swap?

It is a 2wd swap. The good thing is that I have a 1997 tail shaft with the sensor for the VSS.

Yeah the cam pos sensor and the EGR is the same for a 97.5 truck. There is 2 different computers for the 97 year, make sure you get the later one. I'll have to dig up the pcm code, it's the one I'm using on my ranger. I bought so many extra years of parts to make my swap easy. I bought a few different v8 harnesses I used to make my own harness for the ranger.

I can tell you that the 1997 Mountaineer / Explorer has the Theft Module, but PATS is not active yet in those years. After using the Technical Service information from ford for 1996-1998, I have learned quite a great deal about the wiring harnesses for these trucks. PATS started in 1998 for the Explorer and Mountaineer.

Nope, no pats at all in 97. I had 2 97s I was parting out. One was 2/97 the other 3/97, both are considered late 97s.

Tons of things different between sohc and 5.0 under the hood

Your best bet is to change the entire under hood harness including power distribution

You will need a fuel rail and injectors from a 99-01 5.0 as your 97 engine has return fuel and your 2000 truck is returnless fuel

You should ditch the welded exhaust manifolds on that 97 engine and get some Dorman or factory (98-01) cast manifolds

Does your 97 engine had p heads? The p heads have external egr tube on passenger manifold