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2004 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Project

I bought this vehicle last year after selling my 2002 XLT Explorer.

I found this one locally on Craigslist (2nd time I've bought my explorers on craigslist!).

Basically the vehicle was a 1 owner and had 160K miles on it.
Stock as a rock and needed a little mechanical attention when I got it.


And here's the after pic -


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Here's what I did to it in the few months I owned it.
Sadly, I sold this one in March to the same person that bought my black 2002 XLT!
She loves this one and this time bought it with the wheels! LOL!

This vehicle has the 4.6 V8 engine and 2wd.

1 - New Gen taillight swap. I modified these with some tint before installing.
2 - Adrenaline wheels and Nittos tires.
3 - Flowmaster ForceII catback exhaust.
4 - K&N air filter
5 - SCT tune 93 octane
6 - NGK TR6 spark plugs
7 - New fuel filter
8 - New transmission filter and fluid replacement
9 - New brake pads front and rear
10 - Black billet grille upper/lower
11 - New style black headlights with 8,000K HID installed
12 - New factory fog lights with 8,000K HID installed
13 - Pioneer radio - DVD, Bluetooth, USB with steering wheel controls and factory sub
14 - Backup camera
15 - Removed roof rails
16 - Belltech lowering springs
17 - New front ball joints and upper control arms
18 - New rear ball joints and upper control arms
19 - New shocks/struts
20 - Remote start installed
21 - 20% window tint on front side windows
22 - 50% window tint on windshield

Truck ran great and averaged 18mpg in normal stop/go driving.
I loved it, but was offered the right amount of money to let it go!







Too bad you sold it...that thing looked pretty dope. :)

Too bad you sold it...that thing looked pretty dope. :)

Thanks I appreciate the compliment.
When you have a chance to fix something up, then drive it, and then sell it for a profit, it had to go!
The new owner is enjoying it very much!
She has already put over 6,000 miles on it in only a couple of months!

I'm always looking for my next project!
I kinda want to get into a newer explorer sport, but am not happy with the prices on them at the moment! :eek:

Old Project update -
The lady that bought this from me has wrecked it!
That's 2 explorers I've sold her that have been crashed within a year!
Her insurance viewed it yesterday and told her it was totaled due to frame damage.

If you remember the 2002 XLT I sold her was crashed and burned to the ground.




nice x

It was until she crashed it!
Now it will have a salvage title, but the owner plans to buy it back from her insurance company and fix it up.

I tried to buy it from her, but she wants to keep it.


Owner let it get totaled and insurance picked it up.


That's a bummer, it was a good looking Ex!!