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Big Bear in May...

...well, harley's all packed...i grabbed her bed from the ranger and thru it in the she has 3 beds in the X and i didn't even know she had that many, lol...:confused:

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I take it that Harley is your Dog?:confused:
If so, what kind of dog do you have?
I have a Chocolate Lab named "Kona" and he rode up with me tonight.

...she is a chihuahua...she go's on every trail run and she sure seemed to be exited when i picked up my X tonight..:D

Ha Ha....awesome.....I learned to drive up in these mountains off roading and when i did, my dog always went with us. He would love to go again. Maybe we will get to take him out there this summer.

Well just got home from BB, and what a day...

Wait, what day is it??? J/k, and just for clarification we'll be meeting in the 3rd (top) parking lot. I worked out a deal with the staff there today so we won't have to worry about them trying to lock us out if we show up after 5 pm.;)

On my way :thumbsup:

On the way out the door any minute now. See you guys in a few;)