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Demo1986 first build: Project AT-AT

hello everyone i've been on this site for awhile and slowly have been saving money and building my project. i had an 01 ford ranger 2wd that i started to build with the little knowledge that i had. the ranger wasnt much in performance but looked kool. the more i hung out in forums and went to meets in the desert i started to learn more and i figured out what i wanted.

i wanted a truck i can hit over 45 in the desert and when ever i went to trails i would switch to 4wd and have fun there too. so i sold my ranger and bought me a 4wd ranger so i can start the build. BUT i hated the fact i would only fit 2 ppl in it and i also didnt want to be another desert ranger so i sold that ranger (and made a profit) and i bought myself a 2002 sport trac 4wd with all the goodies and with 43,000 miles on it. for a steal!!

after 2 years of saving and playing musical trucks i finally bought this:
-Dixon 4x4 LT Kit
-Tubular upper control arms, with bushings and balljoints installed
-Boxed plate lower control arms with bushings and balljoints installed
-Shock hoop with crossbar
-Complete front axles with custom length heat treated shafts and high angle 930
-Steering Tie-rod Extension
-Brake lines, Limit straps, bolt kit
-Dixon cross member(aaron threw that in for free)
-Fox 2.5x8 coil overs
-Deavers G50E
-Mcneil 6" fenders for the front and 3" for rear

what i need to get:
-Fox 2.0x10 bypasses for the rear(in stock location for now)
-15" pro comp 1079
-33's or 35's good year mtr's

all the ordered parts should be in my hands early next week. aaron doesnt have the axles for the front so ill be 2wd till he gets the axles. i am also saving for the Dixon cantilever for the future.

i really want to run 35's but they might rub on the inner fender and i should probably run 33's does anyone have issues like this?

also i want to know if anyone have used the camburg upper arm heavy duty brakets and if i should install them while i have it apart.

i will post picks as soon as i have my parts.

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Fordboi on DR of the "paying it fwd" thread. Big score!

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Just wanted to say that this is one of the coolest Sport Trac's I've ever seen. Very much inspired to do something like it, if I can ever finish my current project Ex and save up for the DBR kit, haha.

Thx Obie. It's a great truck for sure. I've been lacking and have not updated this thread. I've got many pics of a trip in April and videos of me catching air. Ill try to post up soon.

in Cal City 3/22/13 with the guys from dezertrangers




















the pinnacles







catching some air














small carnage




bent my frame a bit

anyone from socal planning on going to truck heaven and maybe caravan?

i went to barstow for the memorial weekend:


here's something I've been wanting to do for awhile:

i bought this

to make this

a couple pics of my truck on a barge at work with a push tug named Redondo

i decided to shave the unibrow off and added 3 amber lights behind the grill like the Raptor


here's the progress on my trailer: the mounts were made and welded to the frame. the bed is secure. its wired and has working taillights.




i'm in the market for a tailgate. i found one put the guy parting out the ST wants $500, thats too much. i'm also looking for 33"x9.5" tires. i want to add a truck tool box the width of the trailer (60"). i still need to register the trailer.

Great updates. I have been wanting to do the matching bed trailer for a while.

I got really lucky on this trailer. The bed was free and the trailer was a perfect fit for the bed. I have less the $350 into it and its awesome!

Looks great man. I think it maybe time to get 6" wide fenders and send those 4" fenders out to me, I'll pm you my address. LOL

I really like the trailer, I made one from my parts S-10, think I might switch the bed over to my ST bed when I remove it to build my tube cage bed.

Are you gonna have matching wheels and tires for spares for trailer and truck, swivel hitch for high speed articulation? Expedition style trailer top tent to get up off the ground, you'll be set. Keep up the good work man.

Those are 6" fenders up front and my 33's still rub on them when I'm airborne. One thing I do need to do to the rear suspension is relocate the rear shackle because these G50E's are not explorer bolt on leaf pack as they state.

As For the trailer it will be an expedition style trailer. I won't have matching wheels/tires anytime soon because I'm looking to keep this on the low end of the budget. I'm looking for used 33x9.5 tires and I'm gonna keep these wheels for now. I'm looking to make a poor-man roof top tent by making a fold out platform out of thick plywood and just pitch a 5'x8' tent on top. That set up alone will be less the $80 compared to shelling out $1100 for a RTT. I will be doing my first expedition trip in may, going from Barstow to Las Vegas (usually a 4hr hwy drive) and it will take about 4 days to get there. After that ill know what direction I will take with this trailer (shower, stand alone pwr supply, etc.)

What brand are those fenders? They have a more gradual sweep out in the front then other 6" fenders I've seen on ST's. I like the poor mans expo tent idea, I was going to do the same thing two years ago but had a kid so I sold the small tent and had to get a bigger one. Eventually I'll get around to doing the same thing to get the tent with the bigger tent to get it up off the ground (not really any flat ground hear in the mountains where I wheel for big tents and the ground is usually soaked from dew and or rain).

They are McNiel glass. Its the only one I liked but i wish I bought the bedsides from hannaman instead because you can transfer the top rail guards. The McNiel bedsides have the mold of the guards and looks funky.

I have a kid too and I think the 5' width will be fine for a could years until he grows and our family grows, by then ill have a RTT.

Hey Demo, I PM'd you about some stuff..

I pm'd you back Breeze

If you can grab some 16" wheels, look for a 235/85/16... that's a common dually tire and is roughly 33x9.50

Thanks James, I'm going to look into that

so my wife surprised me with this:




I've been interested in one for awhile and she surprised me with it!

heres a little video i threw(literally) together for another forum asking for valving advice so i can fine tune my shocks. i thought i'd post it here too. my little brother shot this and its so shaky you'd think he has Parkinson's. theres NO editing or music because it was only for advice.

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Nice tent, I like how it sits up off the ground. Are you going to make a foldout platform on the trailer to mount it?