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Keeper's 2000 Sport.

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Howdy ladies and Gentlemen, I'm pretty knew to the forum, and an even newer Elite Explorer. Seeing as I'm Elite now, I've got to have a registry.

I picked up my Ex shortly after I came home from Iraq last year, when I bought her, she had about 91,x.. miles on the odometer. The Ex was my first vehicle, and at first there were quite a few issues with it. Had to replace spark plugs, wires, battery, the battery tray. After working this out, she ran like a dream. As you look at the pictures you'll notice all the different color panels, and them not lining up quite right. This happened due to an accident, bent the inner fender and radiator support a lot...ish. But she still runs great, and I think it adds quite a bit of character to the Ex.


2000 Ford Explorer Sport, 4.0 SOHC 2wd(unfortuntly)with 102,x.. miles on it.

  • Alpine CDE-102 installed.
  • Under dash lights. (Red)
  • Cobra 19 Ultra III CB. (Got it from a family friend for $10, can't beat that.)
  • 5lbs fire extinguisher mounted in back.

  • AEM Cold Air Intake.
  • 4.6L Ford Racing Throttle body.
  • JBA Spark plug wires.
  • All synthetic fluids.
  • Installed Rancho RS5000's all around.

  • Aftermarket tail lights.
  • Removed side steps for that little bit extra clearance.

I'm in the process of straightening out my bumper mounting bracket.

Future Mods.
  • Bull Bar/Brush Guard.
  • 31" BFG.
  • TT.
  • 4dr Leaf springs.
  • Shackle lift (looking into some Warrior 153)





And some sorta half-assed flexed pictures.



I'm also looking for a name for her. Ideas?

Thanks for taking the time to look at my Registry. Any comments, criticisms, ideas and tips are welcome.

As long as it doesn't sell I may have th funds by the end of the month. I'm working on getting a storage space for the old Ex, then stripping all the mods and parting her out.

Well my Sport is super damaged (you can see the pictures on page two), but as far as I can tell is mechanically sound. Flipped the inertia switch and she started right up. Took her for a quick lap of my parents nieghborhood (got some funny looks lol).

Well the Sport has moved to a new home. Some of you may know Stic-o was interested in her. So off she went, hope to see the progress on here, and eventually see it out on the trails again.

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