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mjenk430 02 Sport Trac SAS

OK, I've been snooping around here for the last month or so doing research for my SAS. Today I bought my 87 waggy axle (from "they pull" junkyard), so I thought it was time to start a build thread. Last weekend I bought a 74 waggy axle (from "you pull" junkyard) and stripped the flat-top knuckles, spindles, and outer shafts. Prepare yourself for dumb questions from me and a long build. I will post some pictures tomorrow of the two axles.

Here is my parts list so far. Please, please, please let me know if I've made any mistakes in my choices or if you see any places I could save some money. Or any major expenses I've overlooked.

I'm not going to deal with any lockers, gears, or front drive shaft until I get the truck back on the road after the swap.

Purchased To Date (5/9/11)

86 Jeep Wagoneer Dana 44 Axle (Narrow Trac) = 262.50
Flat Top Knuckles, Outer Shafts, Spindles, & Spring Plates from 74 Wagoneer = 105.00
Steering Box, Pitman Arm, and Steering Rod from Gen 2 Explorer = 26.00
Total = 393.50

Raybestos 66297R Rotor/Hub x2 = 197.50
Warn Premium Hubs PN 20990 = 94.52
Shipping = 0.00
Total = 292.02

Rock Auto
Spindle Bearing Kit Timken SBK1 x2 = 19.42
Wheel Bearing (Inner) Timken Set37 x2 = 18.82
Wheel Bearing (Outer) Timken Set45 x2 = 17.08
Wheel Seal Timken 4250 x2 = 6.94
Disc Brake Anti-Rattle Clip Raybestos H5408 x4 = 2.80
Caliper, Right Raybestos FRC4064 = 22.79
Caliper, Left Raybestos FRC4063 = 22.79
Brake Pads Raybestos ATD52M = 40.79
Explorer Forum Discount = 7.57
Shipping = 38.46
Total = 182.32

Sky Manufacturing
Dana 44 Knuckle Ball Joints x2 = 98.00
Dana 44 Knuckle Machining (Keyed) = 55.00
High Steer Arm (Tall) Pass. Side (Keyed) = 99.00
High Steer Install/Stud Kit = 39.00
Dana 44 Ball Joint Tool = 12.00
Shipping = 52.41
Total = 355.41

Ebay (Seller = drivelinesource)
Spicer 5-760x U-Joint x2 = 38.00
Shipping = 9.00
Total = 47.00

BJ’s Off-Road
TT’s Fabworks: Spring Over Axle Kit = 95.00
Shipping = 21.07
Total = 116.07

Sky Manufacturing
Chevy S-10 Solid Axle Hanger Kit = 219.00
Toyota Front Shock Hoops = 69.00
Shipping = 54.60
Total = 342.60

Ballistic Fabrication
Steering Kit (Tie Rod Ends, tube adapters, and tube for tie rods) = 246.99
Shock Tabs = 3.96
Pirate 4x4 Discount = -25.10
Shipping = 63.77
Total = 289.62

Not Yet Purchased

Frontier 4x4
Trail-Gear Heavy Duty Front Leaf Springs (Pair) = 255.55
Shipping = 80.44
Total = 335.99

Adapt-It USA
Wheel Adapters (Rear) 5x4.5 to 5x5.5 Adapter = 114.50
Shipping = 0.00
Total = 114.50

Randy’s Ring & Pinion
Yukon YG D44-488 = 203.40
Yukon Open Carrier Case YC D706025 = 62.95
Install Kit ??? = ???
Yukon F8.8-488 = 265.17
Install Kit ??? = ???
Shipping = ???
Total = ???

Wheels 18x10 (5x5.5) ??? = ???

Shocks ??? = ???

Brake Lines ??? = ???

Front Drive Shaft ??? = ???

I still need to do some more research for the wheels. I need to make sure they will fit with the warn manual hubs. It is hard to find an 18x10 wheel for my 36x15.50R18 M/T MTZ's.

I have a 96 ford ranger 2wd in my backyard just sitting (past abandoned project, bagged and dropped :rolleyes:). Will the steering box, pitman arm, and steering rod out of the ranger work for my swap?

OK. Get ready for the dumb questions. I have a mechanic buddy who told me that if I went to manual hubs I might have to change something in the transfer case? What was he talking about?

Also, I read on some parts website that with the warn hubs on the waggy axle, to "use the correct spindle nut kit". Any idea what that's about?

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The multiple ST SAS "disappearances" are why I will have proven professionals do mine and I will have money in hand before starting.

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BOOO !!! You're taking all the fun and learning experience out of the whole process. LOL. I'm stool trying to figure if I'm going full width 60's or GW 44 and the 8.8 in rear, Pa. is pretty strict on tires sticking out past the fenders, plus the trails around here are narrow and tight from jeepers.

I just don't want to fix my fabrication mistakes after every trail run. I want to know that I'll explode the engine before the suspension.

I'm with offtrac. btw it's too bad this guy hasnt posted I'd like to see it finished through.

That's basically what I'm doing at this point. A friend of a friend owns a vehicle fab shop and he's done several SAS projects. I'll just be there to help and tell him what I want. Although he did say he'd let me do some of the work and teach me to weld, but it'll be nice to have someone that's done it several times. I'm need to start building up my GW 44 axle so it can go in when I get the time and money. Co-op'ing has taken away all of my breaks from school unfortunately:/

Come on fella's, who live close to him? We gotta get this Trac back in action and finished.

If I had the money I'd drive down there myself but unfortunately I don't.

Ok I know this has been dead for a long time now. Since I'm going to start cutting into my ST and starting my SAS this weekend I would like to see atleast one of the many ST SAS projects finished or maybe an update of some kind.