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01 Sport Trac SAS

I got a 2001 Sport trac back in September, and with in the first week i did the 3" body lift and a TT/warrior shackles. I've been rolling around on stock rims and tires for 4 months now.

After doing all kinds of research and reading on here and on pirate, i've decided to get new rims and tires. So i ordered 15"x8" w/ 3.75" back space soft 8 rims, with 35"x12.5" km2 tires.

I realize that the 35"s will eat up my IFS, and with having the 4.10 and limited slip gears the trucks going to feel like a dog. So that made me think about re-gearing the truck. Well, after a solid week of reading i've decided to do a SAS and SOA this spring.

It just so happens that i have a '76 bronco sitting in the back yard, that the rear half is totaled. So its the perfect donor for the D44 w/ disk brakes.

My plan is to build a long arm w/ coils. I've been going back and forth between coils or shackles. I know shackles will be easier, and honestly that might be the route i go, but for now its the long arm build.

One question i've got is, why does everyone talk about building their own steering out of DOM and such, why could i just use the stock steering components off of the bronco.

Im going to gear the front and rear w/ 4.88 and the fronts will have manual hubs.

My 35's will be installed this week. I realize that the D44 will have a different bolt pattern then my explorer, and i'll jump that hurdle when i reach it.

Any thoughts or suggestions, feel free to throw them out. And Mods, if this is in the wrong section please move it.

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Well, if you needed an excuse...:D

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Does anyone know where to buy the front steering knuckle? my driver side knuckle broke off.

Alright, explorer is back out on the road.

My question is, I've been reading up, and im ready to do the SOA for the rear. Only problem is, i'll probably have to wait another month or so before im ready for the SAS up front. Is it going to hurt to have the SOA done before i do the SAS?

I realize its going to rake the truck quite a bit, and throw the caster off. But i only put MAYBE 100-150 miles on the truck a month... I've already got ~2" TT on the front, and 3" body lift right now. It would be nice to have the SOA done so that i can get a perspective as to how tall its going to be all said and done.

That concept has been done before. A few members have done a SOA and then sloped the body lift to improve departure angles. One member (cant remember the name) ran his like that on the road for several years with no issues

Yeah, i know john rock's was ran like that, because then he ordered glass fenders to equal out the tire to fender gap. So i guess gerenall concensus is that it will be okay to run 2" TT up front, with SOA rear and a 3" body lift for a little while, until my SAS is complete...

Yup he ran his like that. It'll look a little weird with an SOA only but for only a month it won't hurt anything. If you have lift shackles in the rear you could switch back to the stock ones for a little bit to help.

Thats exactly what i was figuring i'd do, swap my warriors out for the stocks for now. Then if when the SAS is done, i still need some more lift in the rear i can slap them back in.

I ordered the M.O.R.E. shackle mount. its 7" long with 3 holes on 1" centers. Should be here with in the week, so hopefully this weekend i can do the SOA. Im supposed to go pick up my D44 on wednesday (weather permitting)

Sounds like a plan. I'm sure you're excited.

Im pretty pumped, crappy thing is, i ordered new rims for my KM2 tires a month ago. they were 5x4.5 with 3.75 back spacing. once the SAS is done i'll be 5x5.5 so i'll have to order new rims again.

o well, 200 buck for the rims, and i'll just slap them on my heep when i cant use them on my trac any more.

Haha I feel ya. I had mine for only 7-8 months before doing the SAS. Now they're going on my friends jeep instead

Lol, I haven't even had my trac that long, I just got it at the end of September. Had it for less then a month before the TT, shackle and body lift went on.

I like your ratio of time of owning it to mods. I've had mine for 5 years and 70k miles and just now getting around to doing things.

Got the new rims and tires on her today!

Unfortunately, the new rims are 5x4.5, the new front axle is 5x5.5... So i'll be running these rims for a couple months. OH WELL! haha

But there is no doubt about it, i need to put the solid axle under it to lift it a healthy 3-4 inches (after taking the body lift out)