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Power.....really looking for a change

You're right, I mispoke. I shouldn't have used those words regarding the push button 1354 - mine served me very well for many years- and it really is a great unit. I fell into a snowy ditch off a state road a few years ago, and I had to push it for several minutes to get the damn thing to activate. It finally got me out about 20 seconds before a big truck came along, which would have hit me without seeing me. I still don't know if the cold got to it or what, because it worked fine every other time. That's a personal bias. I'm sure if I had stayed on top of motor maintenance a little more I would never have had any problem. My other explorer still uses the pushbutton, and it works just fine.

I still wonder why Accel listed the big injectors? They show 21# for 4.0L and 5.0L trucks but 19# for 5.0L cars.


I don't really understand where you get off bashing BII's, then saying you love the 1st gen Xploder. they are esentially the same damn truck except the Xplorer requires a lot more to get it trailworthy (trans, SOA, trans, manual hubs, trans, electric T-case shifter, trans) The BII got a bad reputation, mostly due to that wonderful piece of engineering, the 2.9L. When used for their intended purpose, (which is NOT top speed on the highway) they are great little performers. Granted, most of them you find today are well past worn out, but they can be built without a great deal of mods to run the trails with the best of 'em (between head jobs).

'91 XPloder Sport 2dr- 2" Skyjacker kit, fresh body, 30x9.50 rubber, orig. 4.0, orig. 5-spd, 254,000mi and still DD.

'90 BII- Stock, 2nd set of cracked heads, reground crank and repl. rod bearings, spray bomb body, 95,000mi, walks all over the lifted X on the MI trails

I really believe you guys are mixing up the words speed and performance.....a Ex performs well for what it was intended to do, and that is not winning your weekly stock CAR race on Sun. aternoon, ya' know.....:):)