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Return from AZ Run


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February 8, 1999
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Wayoutin, Aridzona
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'93 XL '20 ST
Well this was the smallest turnout ever for one of our "organized" runs, but we had a hell of a good time :thumbsup:

We successfully completed Terminator, Judgement Day and Raw Deal. Terminator and Judgement Day were in rare form. A good portion of both trails was run through a flowing wash. Some of the "puddles" were nearly 3 feet deep as is evidenced by the disappearing tires :D This springs rains really changed Terminator and Judgement Day making them even more fun and challenging.

Rawdeal really didn't change at all except that the exit road which takes you from Upper Raw Deal to the main wash was locked so we had to backtrack and run it backwards.

It was really good to meet Scott and his friend Brian. They came down from Prescott for the run. Hopefully everything went well on their return trip since they were having a bit of a problem with a couple tires.

Michael and I added a bit more "character" to our Explorer's bodies. He nailed his front fender and rear tail light and I took out a tailight and bent some metal on the rear quarter. Scott put a nice bend in one of his rock sliders and punctured a Goodyear M/T. 3 Safety Seal plugs took care of that problem. That was about it in the way of carnage.

Enough blabbing on with the photos:


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We had a great time Rick. Today was only the 3rd time I have had the Ex out on the trail. She got a little hot going back up 17, so we had to run with the heat on :thumbdwn:

Other than that everything was great!!!!


Just a bit of water :eek:


Judgement Day's waterfall




And over!!


Git er done!!

As always, great pics. Looks like fun. I really like the character that you guys added to your trucks. ;)

As always, great shots Rick. :thumbsup: Svande, looks like you almost lost a bead here. :D

There were many times where I almost lost a bead....again. That waterfall is a great obstacle
Great pics Rick
I hope to see more Ex's out next year.

It was another great day of wheeling. The pictures do not even begin to do justice to the kind of fun we had today.

Scott and Brian, it was very nice to have met both of you, I look forward to wheeling with you both again.

I'll try to have my pictures up tomorrow.

great pics! looks like a blast!



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I wish I could have made it, I spent the day busting my knuckles trying to get the explorer back on the trail. :( Looks like you all had a good time, maybe next time.

Wow, you guys have some awesome looking terrain out there! Nice looking Explorers too ;)

Looks like a boatload of fun (literally in that one waterhole!). More pics?

Greatness. Thanks for the pics.

Very cool pictures... I live through you guys with your stories and pictures... wish my rig was done... :(

Wow, sure sorry I missed that one. Great pics. Glad you guy's had safe fun :D

The waterfall sure looks different when dry.


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Looks like fun and great pics! Good to Char out there!

What was the min size tires being run that day and did you guys see anyone else out there?

Somebody give Char a rope, Micheal looks way to used to this position.....

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The smallest tires were 35s. We heard another truck behind us on Terminator, but they never caught up. We did see some fresh tire prints on Terminator, but I didn't see any signs of recent travel on Judgement Day.

Tom, I took out my tail light on the same rock that grabbed your rear window!!