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Return from Mudhaven run Jan 2010


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January 8, 2006
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For all that are not here your missing out on a helluva run!

weather was great today trails were awesome if albeit a tad muddy at times.
lotsa pics and videos were taken.

trail damage was not to bad today Rockranger popped a bead and had an electrical gremilin I Myself bent the spare tire carrier and Jobunn busted a brake line.

EDIT forgot that Maniak may have terminally bent his hi lift out here too:D

Maniak w/friend Rick
BKennedy and Family
Jobunn Clan

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Just got home awhile ago but what a great day:thumbsup:

Weather was perfect, crystal clear and warmed up nicely. The snow on the mtns. was incredible. From my house i can see the San Jacinto and Big Bear mtns., they were covered top to bottom.

Muckhaven wasn't as bad as i expected it to be. If I were to describe the conditions it would be moist with pockets of mud. The best part of it is there was NO DUST:D
The main washes and the notches seemed to be the wettest.

Speaking of the notches, they are for the most part the same BUT with the water that rushed through there it carved a little gully out at the bottom which was at times a foot and a half deep with soft mud inside of it. There was really only one spot in the notches that had really sloppy gooey mud which Jobunn found but it was only about hubs deep and he was able to drive through it without issues.
The rains definitely made things interesting but I think things will get flattened back out soon enough:rolleyes:

I've got some pics i'll post up after I go through them tomorrow.


View from my house looking at San Jacinto mts.

On the road


On the trail







View from Marina dr. camp area

Mud in the notches

Matt losing a bead in the notches


Another group playing in the notches






Stic-o's favorite rock to pivot on

Well the pond arond the rock would make it interesting:D

Looks like it was great out there! Makes me kick myself even more for parking under that stupid tree:(:banghead:

Ranger X needs to carve that totem pole!!!!!!

Anyone still out there? Dave needs help

Dave is stuck on a hill at the waterfall. He is on an angle where the fuel is in front of tank, and pump cant reach fuel, so no engine. He is ok, but wedged in good at a 40* angle facing downwards. Dave got a hold of DB1, and help is on the way.

tell him, we wanna see pics,,

...He is wheeling out there by himself???

Made it home and caught my flight this morning to Virgina. Had a good time out there. I need some beadlocks.

I made it up the center of the waterfall but was denied on CJ Hill. DB1 was denied the center of waterfall but went up CJ hill. Go Figure.

Wheeling by yourself a great idea......

He must be cause we left for home at the same time. We got in about an hour ago. Great weather yesterday and today was warm and sunny.
Went sightseeing today over in the State Park. Got back after a few hours, packed up and headed home.

The wife took about a million pictures. I need to sort though them and post some here later.

Had a great time.
On the way out it was snowing hard in Ranchita at the top of the grade above Borrego. I now do not like the feeling of losing traction with the RV while going 35 miles per hour down hill.

...He is wheeling out there by himself???

Guess he was doing a little wheeling on his way out. Good thing he is not hurt & has help. If not for the EF family, it could have been a lot worse.

Got back a few hours ago. i'll post some pics I have a little later. I had a great time and I cant wait for the next run :D and lets see some more pictures from everyone!

Is dave out? I'm still only 35 miles away.

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I just talked to dave. DB1 got him out..

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