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Smorr 2014 october 10-11-12!

I feel like I am rain or shine unless on Friday the park calls it for flooding or something. I can always hit a bar for royals games and be just fine! Levi mentioned something at Kansas rocks next weekend for those that might not be able for smorr. If my ark makes it through the great flood of smorr I'm considering a double header with that.

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I'm seriously depressed right now. :(

Benji I see you lookin! Come on.

I heard about Kansas Rocks next week also.....

Yes if unbroken I'm game for that possibly. Either that or we have a farm in Bethany, MO that allows us to wheel and they have some great trails.

Annnd, my friend keeps telling me to get some guys to drive the trails he's been cutting on his property.

Sunday's forecast looks good. If it is warm for camp breaking it might not be bad after all. Let's hope it doesn't actually rain Friday eh?


Brad is that the Rucker farm by chance?

It's hard to change who you are, myself I've always enjoyed lurking. Getting enjoyment out of others thoughts and endeavors. Still afraid to come out of the closet and announce that I am "cough" explorer-less.

Shannon and I were secretly planning on stopping by the park Saturday or Sunday on our way home from Branson. Haven't made definite plans. Was looking forward to being able to see everyone again.

Yes, Rucker Farm. Good time. I've never been to KRocks.... I'm in Columbia now and picking up the Jeep tonight. Heading out in the morning.

Lol small world I guess... Remind me about that this weekend!

Guys!! So it's gunna rain all weekend :( I want to come but my local friends backed out on camping in tents in the rain.

I'm out We're gunna just do same day trips to avoid camping.

Friday day trip to Moonlight racing -Greg I've never been there and this is closer to you.
Saturday in Fayette, MO is event at Central, MO offroad park.

If everyone isn't broken and weather is better next weekend- I'm really considering going to Kansas Rocks for there event and camping.

This plan just changed. Kinda sad about the weather this weekend.

90% rains day and night all weekend. Heck started last night. The park will see over 7" of rain and for all but a few of us, the trails will be impassable for the most part. This is not the only reason I am saying this but is a huge factor it it.....

I'm out too. :(

I am willing to try again in a couple / few weeks if anybody else is up for it. :dunno:

Looks like it's a bust again... SMORR meet CANCELED!

I emailed Brandon to cancel our reservations. :(

If anyone else has reservations you might let him know.

Man this sucks, I was looking forward to seeing all the pictures and videos.

We will get back there soon but weather around here is pretty unpredictable and cost us an October trip. Spring maybe? Never really know we could be at it again in a couple weeks!

Jake- thinking about Rucker farm run this Sunday if weather is ok.

I hope you know I was kidding--:D

I do!

I really wish I could be here. It would just be what I needed. Hopefully soon! I wish the rain would hold off for you all.

My F-250 will have its engine pulled in November. I have opted for a shop to do this job. I wanted to but one wrong move and a job gets very expensive.

Well for the next attempt I got rid of the Jeep and have another lifted 1st Gen Explorer that I will be beating on, looking forward to modding it asap. 4 link rear hopefully.

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Brad I live close and have been thinking about a 4 link myself... Let me know when you're building I'll come help/spy lol