TRUCKHAVEN: The redemption run! April 19-20th | Page 16 | Ford Explorer Forums - Serious Explorations

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TRUCKHAVEN: The redemption run! April 19-20th

well there better be a jeep cj rollover. going to grab my camera right now for it ;)

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Life is good... I'm online through high speed Internet at Truck Haven:D:thumbsup:
And the pics are where? What's the use of mobile broadband if you can't use it to taunt those of us who got left behind :p:.

Yea at least a teaser would be good :p:

Yea sorry guys i couldnt make it out i got put on the night shift so i didnt even get off work until like 8 am wouldnt have been there until like 1pm and then i also have 18 dollars in the bank so either way i was screwed on this run

Plus I'm living in a tent, not a fancy motorcoach with internet service.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I don't have internet service in my motorcoach.
Got home about 45 minutes ago. All in all, a very good end of season run.