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Truckhaven! October 25th-26th

Dam, I'm with you Rick, sure wish I could make this one. :mad: looks like a great crowd.

Lot's of MH's going. Make sure you all park in packed sand or we'll get some new fotos for the stuck thread:D

Hope there is 0 wind, nice weather and no mishaps. Have a great time and take lot's of pics. God bless. :thumbsup:

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Everything going well here. Sitting by the fire, watching iron man on the flat screen. Did a night run, no damage. Waiting for colin and danny
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Sounds like a great time. You can tell that there is a run going on. Its seeming slow to me.

Have a great time and be safe....Oh and take a ton of pictures because you know us web wheelers need those pic lol

Colin and winter just got here, and we just heard danny lost a wheel on his trailer, as in it sheared off and passed them! i think they were going to off load the explorer and drive them seperate.
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Oh my thats not good. At least it was just a wheel and he kept it under control. Stay safe

...Post some pics already...:bounce:

UPDATE: Jefe is officially "hitched"!! :D

Greetings from Tennessee!! Have fun! Post pics!!

Congrats Jeffe :chug:
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Wow, congrats Jefe. :thumbsup:The bachelors are dwindling fast.

..It seems that the guys who usually take care of making sure the forum has pictures, (cough*90ranajo*cough) didn't make this trip...:(