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  1. T

    Repair Videos

    Hello I have made a couple repair videos on my 2004 Ford Explorer Sport Trac XLS. Wanted to share for others looking to do any fixes I may have done. I have future repairs planned and will share on my channel as well. -torsion twist + shackle lift -adding lights -changing headlight/tail...
  2. C

    Can I Fix Exhaust Manifold Leak With Thermosteel Or Another High-Temp Cement

    I have an exhaust manifold leak on one of my 2000 5.0 Explorers. I am nearly certain that the leak is coming from the exhaust manifold gasket. I really don't want to take the manifold off and risk breaking bolts or studs trying to get it apart. I've had enough trouble with bolts that are...
  3. JSWarrell

    How to: Fuel Vapor Line Repair (EVAP)

    So this is more of a "How I did it" rather than a How-to, but I decided to fully document my repair as I found no info on this before. I don't know how helpful this will be for 91-92 owners, but I'm guessing the only real difference in the systems is that the vapor canister is in a slightly...
  4. crowtc

    Removing and repairing the 3rd Row Cargo Floor

    I recently started the process to repair my broken 3rd Row Cargo Floor, and I posted the steps to remove the floor prior to repairing the fiberglass panel. Anyone interested in the process, check it out on Reddit:
  5. C

    I Hit A Deer: Questions About Rebuilding

    Last fall, I was threading the needle over and over and it seemed like the deer were on a suicide mission. Finally, my luck ran out. I added comprehensive to my Insurance policy a day late and a buck short. A trophy buck. Right at the begining of the hunting season, I hit a very beautiful...
  6. B

    Is our Explorer still safe to drive?

    Hello Explorer Forum. Me and my fiancé just moved from Florida to California this past week and during our drive cross country the rear CV axle snapped. The only dealership out in that part of the country couldn’t see us for 2 weeks so we ended up taking our Explorer to a local mechanic. Somehow...
  7. P

    Yellow Rear Antilock and Red Brake lights on

    I just had the brakes done and now these lights are on. The dealership says it’s not their problem. I’ve seen the sensor suggestion, but that’s only when the Rear Antilock light is on. Any suggestions?
  8. F

    Alignment repair & issues/concerns

    About a year ago I took my 2017 XLT in to my local Ford dealership for an alignment fix, as the car was pulling to the right and the steering wheel had to be held slightly off-centre in order to drive straight down the road. When I picked up the car and saw the invoice, I learned that the...
  9. J

    4x4 Rotor, how to rebuild

    i was wondering if anybody on the forum can tell me how to rebuild the rotor for the 4wd? i never had it working for as long as i have had the truck and I already have it off the truck and ready for repair, anyone got any pointers?
  10. B

    Rocker Panel Replacement - No Welding, No Bondo

    Like many people, I had to do this project in my driveway with some basic tools. I have about $300 in the whole project, not including the tools. I bought full panels at $125 each on amazon. I have another $50 in paint, primer, rustproofing, undercoating (all aerosol spray cans). You can use...
  11. I

    1996 Explorer EGR Valve repair

    Hello! So I've had a longstanding engine warning light stuck on my dash for awhile that will, every so now and then, turn off for a little bit but eventually turn back on again. One of my friends has a spare ODBII reader so I borrowed that from him to check it out. I believe it read P0401...
  12. D

    Midwest shops that can bore and sleeve the servos on 5R55S?

    Hi all! I'm living in Forgotonia Illinois, next to Middleofnowhere, and no one even close to me is even aware of the servo bore issue. Can anyone recommend a shop that can bore and sleeve my case? I have it torn down, and I'm nearly ready to reassemble, but I would like to get it sleeved before...
  13. P

    99' explorer sport front end humming

    Ok so I have a 99 explorer sport with a 5-speed 2wd with roughly 120,000 miles. I have this insane pulsating humming coming from the front left wheel well/engine compartment that's slowly been getting worse. So far it only starts once I'm over about 30-35 mph, anything lower and dead silent...
  14. Q

    2002 4.0 issues - What's up everyone

    To start off I brought a used 2002 ford explorer xlt 4.0 6cyl. I had a engine put in and it ran good for about month I was driving it in city, so it was all stop and go until about 2 weeks ago. I was driving from NY to wv and cruised for about 100+ miles in the fast lane I tried to accelerate...
  15. J

    Are these fair prices?

    Hello everyone, I took my Explorer in to get checked out on Friday. I just recently became employed again and now have the money to improve my vehicle. So I got a qoute on some work and since I don't know much I'd thought I'd post the prices on here and get some feedback from people who do know...
  16. I

    Any recommendations for Auto Repair in Atlanta Georgia?

    My son traveled to Atlanta, to attend a meeting. He is having problems with his 2004 Explorer. He says it sounds like something is grinding, on the drivers side, near the rear. It could be anything.... (Brakes, wheel bearing, etc., etc.). He lives in Nashville, TN, and has to get back home...
  17. H

    Uncontrollable radio!!!

    My radio is now switching to the video setting all by itself. I'll be driving and it'll do it at random. then when i decide to turn it off it turns back on!! What's wrong with my explorer? it's the stock radio head I've never done anything to it.
  18. U

    Camshaft Synchronizer 97 XLT 4.0 OHV

    Can someone please tell me if the cam sync is supposed to sit flush? I can feel the gears twist as they mesh but the "shiny" exposed portion (red circle) has me second guessing myself. Please ignore the orientation of of the install tools arrow, I can explain if necessary.
  19. D

    '04 Explorer - AdvanceTrac System failure

    We have a 2004 Ford Explorer with the AdvanceTrac system installed. Unfortunately, we recently experienced an issue where it stopped working, and took it in to the shop where we were told the AdvanceTrac traction control module would need to be replaced and then recalibrated. It's been...
  20. rewind1

    Body Swap (or My Explorer is Rotted to $#!T, Help Me!)

    I have been driving my 2003 Eddie Bauer for the past 4 years. I have been pretty happy with it until recently. I let a lot of issues build up and became very frustrated with all of them (I will detail these issues later). I was considering getting something else, but I changed my mind and...
  21. A

    03' 4.6 Multiple Problems

    I've about had all I can take with this truck. I understand that the truck won't run forever, certainly not already having 200K on it, but I have so many problems that I can't seem to find and neither can anyone else. 1.) My AC doesn't blow hard AT ALL. Can't cool the cabin if the...
  22. T

    What would you do?

    Have an interesting situation and would like some feedback. I am NEW to the Explorer, having had a 2004 Jeep Liberty and Wrangler (loved the Lib, very disappointed in the Wrangler) and Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute SUVs. (Also had a 1989 Bronco II back in the days!). I need a mid-size SUV to...
  23. N

    how to remove and replace rear driver side door.

    I have to replace my rear driver door because my Fiance thought she knew how to drift. Obviously she didn't. I was wondering if anyone could tell me the steps in removing the door and I'm sure putting the new one on is the opposite so I was just wondering if someone could tell me if there are...
  24. C

    Pulling motor, any suggestions

    It seems that my rear timing chain tensioner had gone and while pulling a sharp corner into a parking lot on the weekend and I believe the rear timing chain on my 4.0 SOHC slipped. Of course the truck stalled and when I attempted to start it, all I got was starter noise (starter sounded...
  25. S

    HELP!!!! Sabotaged 97 explorer.

    Hey guys someone claims to have sabotaged my stock 97 explorer OHV. He says that if I drive my car the engine will be blown. How many different thing's could he have done that would ruin the motor if driven? Besides checking my fluids any syggestions on what to look for? I know this sounds...