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  1. B

    2001 Explorer Sport Questions

    2001 Ford Explorer Sport 4.0 SOHC Just a few things i need help with: 1. I lost about 3/4 of a quart of oil on my last 3k miles. Its not dripping oil on the ground at all. However, while i was under the car i noticed that oil was all over everything under the motor for the most part. It...
  2. J

    Spare tire use

    I have my spare tire on right now and it feels like the auto 4x4 is kicking in when I start to coast from 65 to 60 and 45 to 40MPH. Its on the drivers side rear wheel. I have heard it would be better to have it on the front? I am trying to milk this tire out because I am getting married next...
  3. S

    Bigger Tires + MPGs

    What size did you upgrade to and what's your MPG? Me: Stock tire for 16" I got 16 city/22.5 hwy. Currently with 255/70R16 I get 14.5 city/20.3 hwy.
  4. D

    ABS Light on and ABS not working

    Hello to all ford explorer enthusiasts! This is my first post on this site. I will be as descriptive as possible. I got into an accident a while back during a bad winter blizzard. I slammed into a median at a 45 degree angle. The drivers side front panel was destroyed. The tire exploded. I...
  5. L

    Tire and Wheel Questions..

    Hi guys, i'm just wondering if anyone has a photo of 30-31'' tires mounted on stock explorer rims? I'm looking at getting new tires, but i'm trying to decide if i want the new larger tires on my stock rims, or if i should get new rims for them... Also, wondering what offset/backspacing i need...
  6. A

    Rims and tires......again

    For starters, I have read through over 100 threads to find out about rims, tires, tire rubbing, bolt patterns, backspacing, and offset. I also learned about gear ratios and tire size with respect to fuel economy and towing. Unfortunately, I still haven't found the answers that I am looking for...
  7. R

    junkyard find :) tire swingout!

    today in the junkyard i found this beauty... its a tire swingout that bolts to the frame where the hitch bolts on and also to the back bumper in two places. thing seems extremely well built and is heavy guage steel. i know its off a GM, but this weekend im going to do some fabricating and see if...
  8. F15E_WSO

    Thin cracks in sidewalls.....?

    My wife drives on some Michelin's that are about 4 yrs old. There are some very thin hairline cracks and blemishes in the sidewalls. Some of the cracks or deterioration is linked to little bumps and raises that are the lettering, pattern, text, crosshatching on the sidewalls. I hesitate to...
  9. I

    Field Tire Mount Whoops

    Not my tire, or video, but worth the watch. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=2f3_1309168599
  10. F

    Spare Tire Winch/Carrier

    I did bit of searching, both Google and through the forums but I am having trouble finding a straight answer. My Explorer: 2003 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition 4.6L V8 AWD(not selectable 4X4) With Class III Towing Package 97,500 Miles I'll give a bit of back story. I was driving and...
  11. S

    bolt pattern

    i have a man here claming that the gmc 5 bolt pattern will fit on my explorer 5 bolt pattern. is this true or is this phony?
  12. S

    Input needed!

    Alright, so i was told by a friend that under my '97 Sport i would be unable to fit 285/75r16 Nitto Grapplers. I believe that i could with the extra height already added to sports, which is i believe 2in more than XLTs, a 1.25" TT and 1.5" Warrior Shackles. I was wondering what you guys would...
  13. S

    Necessary Tires?

    Ok, so i just purchased my 1997 Ford Explorer Sport 2Dr. 4x4 and all is well. I have a few friends that want me to go mudding with them, but my tires are not up to standard. So my question would be if i were to buy new tires to go mudding with, (I am thinking Firestone Destinations) would i need...
  14. T

    odd tire problem

    ok, on my truck when i bought it, it had one tire not the right size, wich was the front drivers, so i replaced it with the spare, wich is the same size as the other one's p255/70/r16, anyways now this spare looks the same size as the other one's, but when it sits on the wheel, it looks like it...
  15. N

    Spare tire placement/roof rack?

    Quick question concerning a storage option for my 33x12.50 spare tire: As of right now, I have my spare on the roof on a yakima basket. I didn't but it separate, it was on the car when I bought it. So, I use it for my spare as of now. But, I have a dilemma with that set up. Because I need...
  16. R

    custom tire swing outs

    one project for the new year will be a custom swing out (mounted on my stock bumper) to keep my spare, highlift, etc. on. doing a little research i found this site offering just hinges, or kits with hinges and latches, for those of use wanting to make our own instead of buying the full swing...
  17. M

    annoing noise! please read!

    Hi, I have a 94 explorer and just recently I have been getting a real load noise coming from the front end. It almost sounds like the growl of big beefy tires on the road but I have regular tires on it. When I drive strait you can hear it and when I turn left it gets even louder but if I turn...
  18. F

    Max tire size for a 1996 ford ranger 2x4?

    im looking to make my 3.0 ranger look a lot better with the black bumpers and grill i just put in and now im looking for bigger tires than the 185/60(idk if 60 is right)/r14. those tires are tiny! its a stock lift with a leveling block in the rear so the back is a little higher and ext bed and 2x4
  19. M

    Cooper Tire Sale--Any Experience w/LSX?

    NTB/Tire Kingdom/Merchants Tire is running a weekend buy 2/get 2 sale on select tires. In 235/70R16 the choice is the Geolander HT or Cooper Discoverer LSX. There's no info out there of this Cooper because it's made exclusively for this tire company. So, anyone have any experience with THIS...
  20. M

    35"x12.5"x?" Need wheel and tire combo and size.

    i am going to get 35"x12.5" tires i dont know if i want to get 15"s or 20"s. there is a huge price difference. can some of you send me some good combos for both of these sizes. help is greatly appreciated.
  21. B

    1999 Ranger pulls to the right when I step on the brakes.

    hey, i got a 1999 4.0 V6 Ranger that pulls to the right every time i apply the brakes. I'm not quick sure what could be the cause of this. I've been told that it could be a bad tire (which i do have and is being replaced) but i find this not realistic. I'm guessing it has to do with the brakes...
  22. S

    22" Rims

    hey what do you think of these http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/pts/1169108603.html thinking about getting them to put on my 08 explorer eb. tell me what you guys think thanks.
  23. M

    Wanted Help with spare tire assembly.

    Hi All Hope I may ask for some help! My sister-in-law has an '02 Explorer and someone previously could not remove the spare tire, consequently removing the whole assembly! I would like to install a new/used one, but not sure what I need. I noticed the crank would not be centered with the wheel...
  24. 1

    new tires?? 33x10.50r15???

    ok...heres the story, i want some 33x10.50r15 tires for my explorer but les schwab doesnt carry any in stock nor has any at the warehouse. so these friggin people wanted me to get the toyo open country mt for $1200.00:eek: yeah im not payin that much. i had heard from expert tire that i can get...
  25. The tire has to be opened to remove the damaged inner tube.

    The tire has to be opened to remove the damaged inner tube.