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2002 Sport Trac SAS

2002 Explorer Sport Trac

Stock 4.0
Taylor 8.8 MM Plug wires
Screamin Demon Coil
XCAL2 Tuned
Zabtek Cold Air intake
Random Tech "Y" pipe with custom FLowmaster exhaust. A few cats have been removed.

5R55E freshly rebuilt
1354 Borg Warner Electric Shift
Modified Superlift front driveshaft
Stock rear driveshaft

Front Axle:
89 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Dana 44 low pinion
ARB Air Locker
4:56 Ring & Pinion
Superior Chromo Axles
CTM U-joints
Steel braided 28” brakelines
Warn manual locking hubs
Parts Mike Highsteer arms with 1" spacers
Parts Mime highsterr knuckles
5/5.5 conversion kit

Rear Axle:
Explorer 8.8 31 spline
PowerTrax Locker
4:56 Ring & Pinion
SOA conversion
Wheel spacer/adapter for 5/5.5 bolt pattern

BDS front shocks
Rancho RS5000 rear shocks stock height
Custom made 7 pack Waggy leafs up front
Stock leafs out back

Tires and Rims:
35x17x12.5 BFG KM2
Eagle Alloys model 951 17x9

Body Mods:
3" Body lift (may come out soon to allow for more suspension lift)
Clear corner lens
Sylvania Silverstar 9007 headlight bulbs
Sylvania Silverstar 9005 foglight bulbs

Sound System:
Kenwood head unit
(4) 6x9 Ifiniti speakers
(2) 8” Kicker Subs in a custom figerglass enclosure behind the rear seats
Alpine 4 channel Amplifier
Cobra 75WXST CB

Here is my build thread, I will apologize now for the stupid questions you will read from me..


There are a bunch of interior mods i did but this a SAS registry..

First was the install of the crossmember:

Then followed alot of cutting and grinding to get here, where the rear leaf mounts were installed:

Then a little more progress:

Steering was a PITA. Here is my Gen1 and Gen2 Hybris steering linkage:

Here is the Rack and Pinion steering cooler re-used and mounted to my crossmember:

More progress:


All this work to get here:









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Did you ever run less springs in the front prior to using the 7-leaf pack?

It came out great. :cool:

Sure is good lookin'. :thumbsup:

This is one sweet ride. Watching it climb in Moab was a treat. The pictures don't do it justice. You would not believe how big this rig is till you stood next to it. Some rigs look a little tacky lifted real high, but not this rig. It is proportioned very well. Street looks and creature comforts in a real off road 4x4, awesome combo.

Good work Chad!

Thanks everyone!!!!

I had 5 leaf packs in front for a month or so, and they went all negative on me. SO I went down to the spring shop and had some more leafs made and added them to the leaf pack. Thing is I still have the Explorer left side lean.

I am debating taking out the body lift and installing longer shackles to get more flex out of it, but I need a house and a garage first. Although the body lift does make it nice to do other work on the truck.

Is it more stable with the 7s?

It is good with the 7 leaf pack, but the drivers side is still more flat than the passenger side. I could probably put 8 leafs on the drivers side and get rid of the leaning.

I have found a few things I need to redo on the front leaf mounts. I need to remove the front leaf mounts make new mounts that will move the bolt hole forward 1" and down 1" to fix some interference I get when flexing it out.

I love your Sport Trac Chad, so awesome! I can't wait for my life to settle down so I can SAS my X.

Very nice looking sport trac!:cool:

Leafs will get u better flex than your IFS, but coils will achieve even more flex, but ride little softer also, sometimes to soft, if doing lots of street driving leafs are pretty good way to go.

They flexed good enough for the trails we ran in Moab. However only Brad (bronco2guy)
and Gregg (gmanpaint) saw how it flexed as I was busy driving up goofy rock walls.

Hmm, next time we go, will have some extra days and more time you can get out and check out your flex. Also we can pre run about 4-5 trails on some RZR's.

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Hi i also own a 2002 ford trac sport. And i was wondering what you did with your subs. As you probly know you cant really do that much with subs in this truck do to the lack of space below the seats. But i would like to hear what you did. Please get back at me about this at taymink@sbcglobal.net
Thank you for your time.