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Arizona Run, Spring 2003 Photos!

No use!
I am not a moron, I can get around on a computer but downloads just are not working for me. I have all the players downloaded they just dont recognize the files.
Oh well, we will get it worked out.

What is up with the job search? Did you speak to Kevin?

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weird, dunno what to tell ya on the downloads without seeing it...

No, havn't talked to Kevin yet, I'm currently arguing w/Scottsdale over some drivers license problems (ugh) but it should be resolved this week or early next week. I'll get in touch with him then, need to get this cleaned up before I even try to talk to a dealership.

matt we are always looking for line techs at my work....just let me know if deide driving this far is worth your time everyday and I wil let you know who to get in touch with there.

Thanks Dust, I appreciate it.

I forgot how tippy I got on Lower Terminator till I found this picture. :eek:


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not sure if this helps. But for me when i go to save the file i have to type .avi after it. Now all the avi files play.