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Completed Project jamest's "RE-SAS"

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
... or SAS pt.II, or SAS redeux, or axle remix thread. :p:

As some of you know, ive recently got a 94 sport that is the typical fullwidth HP44 with coils/arms, fullwidth 9" type swap. Its currently on radial 36" Iroks.

Right now im lowering it down 4" and extending the wheelbase a couple of inches. It wheels great but its just too tall for what i want to do. Ive got some Bilstein 7100's in the mail and my general idea is to make this more of a dual sport type rig that can get it on the rocks and also be able to blast some fire roads and play on the sandbars here in the summer.

Currently the truck has 4" blocks under the back and a "W" shaped set of hybrid 4 door packs. Im going to take the blocks out, throw on a freshened set of low mile 4door leaves with the overload removed, run anti-wrap pertches with the holes redrilled to move the rear back on the springs 2".

Pic below is why you DONT run shock boots. This was an Arizona rig and never really saw any mud after sureshot40sw bought it-


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Looks great James.

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Looks great James.
Thanks homey, its been alot of work but in the end it doesnt really look like ive done much. :D

Man, the valving and mounting position on the rear shocks is dead on perfect. It drives soooo awesome. Body roll is virtually gone... the spool in the back is barely more noticable than the lockright was. I hit some washed out fireroads yesterday before the rains came and it will no doubt haul ass in the rough stuff. I cant wait to get airbumps on it.

Articulated at full stuff the tire is gonna be damn close to the shock but it shouldnt hit.


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Here's a finished pic of the front hoops- the center support brace that runs to the coil tower had to be moved forward to clear the hose on the shocks.


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Put some linear rate coils on it like the BCs on it and it will really drive nice!

Yea, no doubt thats in the plans... hope to get some before Moab. The WH's work fine for crawling but they're a bit on the mushy side on the first couple of inches of travel.

I also need to figure out some kind of traction bar for the rear too, so ill quit wasting leaf packs.

I didn't even like them crawling. It felt like they were way too stiff, I think because that first couple of inches got soaked up quick.

I will let you know how mine work in moab! I am leaving in about 10 days for EJS!

I really like your Bilstiens. Wish I had those instead of my Ranchos. That is about the only way to deal with the lame rear shock setup. I bet they work awesome outboard like that.

Top notch fabbing! Your hoops look about 100x better then the ones I built!!

Well, its time to say goodbye to the nerf bar/slider doohickeys. They are bent to crap and i cant open the passenger side door. I will admit though, with having no kind of bracing they held up alot better than i would have thought. They've taken a major beating over the years.

They're off now and im about to start cutting rocker. The rocker will be replaced with 2x3 3/16" rectangular tube, with 2" .250" square running it to the frame. Then, itll be tube "nerf bar" or whatever you wanna call it welded to the 2x3.

The top of the blue tape is the body line, and thats were im gonna cut. It will get rid of 4" of rocker and 1.5" of door. No idea whats under there, i couldnt really find pics online so i guess we'll see. :p:


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Looks like the gap in the bottom of the door can be filled with a 1" strip of sheet metal welded in. Cutting on the inside now-


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I know its a bit silly to keep posting pics of something like rocker cutting, but i couldnt find any detailed pics of this so i figured id document it. :p:

Here ive cut out a little window to see whats inside. That last layer with the wavy bead roll in it is all thats left.


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Bring on the silly pics. :cool:

Just like peeling an onion. :D Ive mostly used a 4.5 cutoff wheel, with the sawzall on the corners were there's alot of thickness that's hard to get to.

1st pic- look slightly left of dead center and there is the cut line for the body mount hump

2nd pic- here's the hump cut out, there is another one up towards the front- 2 on each side (thank you Hot Springs AR for the broken rock light :p: )

3rd pic- finished product... this is as high as you can go without re-doing body mounts.

Ill have more next week, gonna be a busy next few days. :)


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Like it. Exploder boat side of sort.

Both sides are done. If it weren't for my short legged passengers id just leave it like this. :p:

Doing a before and after pic on the rockers-


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Wow, looking at the above pics it doesnt look like ive cut that much off. :( It was 4" and at least 100lbs of crap- crushed PBR can for reference


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as a percentage of the whole its not that much once you step pack from it, but it is a huge difference

i felt the same way after i hacked up the fenders

think it also has to do with loosing the point of reference where it originally was

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Coming along nice. Love all the carnage laying on the floor, kinda reminds me of my shop floor.