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Truck Haven 2012 MLK Weekend Jan. 14-15

..I will be going by Carlsbad about 3-4 o'clock heading to 70th and the 8 in La Mesa if that will help get it out to TH...Pm me a number as I am driving back from the OC...:salute:

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I just finished eating lunch in Brawley. I should be there somewhat shortly..


I will be leaving tonight from Tustin at around 7:30 and heading to Buena Park to pick up my rig then leaving. PM sent with my number. By the way for the rest my dad is on his way he has a red Superduty with a camper shell pulling a small travel traler. be on the look out. Thanks Adrian.

We are out here and set up camp.
Maniak also just showed up:thumbsup:

Almost ready to head out. Should be there around 8 I think...

We are set up and going on run. Bkennedy, placed a beach chair. With orange flag in fire ring where you were last year. Some soccer cones also.


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First run in. Found the arches. Photo of three at arch. Chris got first stuck. I think he wanted to. Weather clear warm 70ish and wind has stopped. Plenty of places to camp.


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cjexplorer has a couple shot of my poorly chosen line that did that.


Well..... I didn't make it out. got a little busy and never worked on the navajo.