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Which 5-speed should I aim for?


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June 24, 2009
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Indianapolis, IN
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1996 XLT
I found a few manual 5-speeds (all variations of the Mazda), and I wanted to know which one will or won't work and what would be recommended for my new engine (4.0L SOHC from a 4th gen Ranger).


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1997-2002 Ford Explorer (4.0 L SOHC V-6 engine)
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2006-present Ford Ranger/Mazda BT-50 (2.5/3.0 L inline-4 Commonrail turbocharged Diesel engine)
2007-present Ford Everest (2.5/3.0 L inline-4 Commonrail turbocharged Diesel engine)

I know Brett got his from a 2004 Ranger, so I'm assuming it's the R1HD. So I'm guessing I should do that one, but will theR1 work as well? Would the R2 fit onto the 4.0L SOHC, and if so, would it just be overkill?

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What do I need?

(Here is where you find out how inexperienced I am)

What do I need to get from the tranny donor vehicle to have a least-hassled installation of my new 5-speed?

i want to say that the r1hd is needed for the 4.0sohc models because of the power increase over the OHV 4.0's

That's what I thought initially, but this indicates that 2nd gens had the R1 during SOHC years (97-00). Perhaps it was only offered with the OHV. Perhaps not. Any specialists??

1991-2000 Explorers only came with the M5ODR1 behind the OHV. 2001-2003 Sports had the M5ODR1-HD behind the SOHC, as well as Rangers.