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700r4, 4.3:1 Atlas II, AA adapter, B&M shifter

Everything you need to swap in a reliable tranny and uograde your xfer case all at once.

700r4 auto tranny built by bow tie overdrives. Stage 4 build so it will outlast your 4.0. Low stall torque converter. TV cable cam and bracket for proper shift pressure (mounts to throttle body). Standard Chevy 27 spline output shaft.

Front Advance Adapters adapter to mount tranny to 4.0 ford motor. No rear tranny adapter.

AA atlas II 4.3:1 transfer case. 1350 yoke front output, 1350 flange rear output with parking brake, handle included. Standard Chevy 27 spline input.

B&M truck mega shifter. Mounts to floor on top of tranny hump.