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97 Beauty, another one...

Had no intentions of really buying another Explorer as I planned on getting a pickup next year but....I seen this one for sale cheaply and body in great shape so I picked it up. The owner stated that she was the second owner of it for the past 8 years and claimed she washed it and swept it every week, which it looks really good in and outside. Nikki4X4 named it Beauty.

150k Miles
Power windows, seats, locks, keyless.
Automatic with the 4.0 OHV (Yes!:D)
3.73 open

I don't really plan on lifting or modifying this in anyway because its going to be her winter truck for the most part, but I am trying to talk her into letting me at least put 31's on it with a tt/shackle because in my opinion it sits too low...








I'll also explain why it needs a transfer case. When its shifted into Auto/High the shift will not complete unless you tap the case with a hammer and then once you shift into park or neutral then back to a gear it slips out again. But once you shift it into 4low it works fine. So the plan is to just replace the case with another 4405 so that she has Auto 4WD for safety.

nice x u got there