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Completed Project Brandon's mild 4.0 OHV build

Use this prefix for completed projects that are not "How to" articles or threads asking for help.
So, as of 5 hours ago Ronin8002, or James' built OHV block became mine; and with the stea.. I mean deal I got and all the extra goodies he threw in, he seemed a little too happy to get rid of this thing :shifty_ey... lol! But WOW this thing is in good shape! As a christmas gift from my parents, I've been given the opportunity to really dig into an engine like I've always wanted to do. I've watched and assisted a couple chevy 350 builds over the past few months but have never done anything by myself.. so here goes nothin!

The Meat (James' Block):
- 1995 block bored .030 over and torque honed
- Keith Black Hypereutectic 1995 Style Pistons (staying around 9:1)
- Total Seal piston rings
- Clevite bearings
- Stock Water pump/timing cover (awesome shape!)
- Stock Fuel Rail
- SOHC Oil pump/pan - to strengthen up the bottom end
-- Possible port/polish on the lower intake, we'll see when I get there

The Goodies:
- Comp Cams 49-422-8 Cam
- Comp Cams 988-12 dual valve springs
- 95tm heads with minor porting/polishing

(on the way, supposedly 11/28/10)
- SI sev2027 and sev2028 valves
- Delta Cam rockers
and pushrods will come later down the road when properly measured

I'm going to keep a diary as things progress on the motor, once I get all the parts in it really should start coming together quickly. I'm down for any type of constructive criticism you have, if you don't like the way I'm doing something PLEASE let me know, as this will be my true first solo go at an engine! JD4242 has really given me a lot of direction when it comes to the 4.0, by reading through his posts in the forums I'm still baffled by the amount of knowledge he has of these things. So, many thanks to you JD!

First order of business, I need help tracking down a full gasket kit, reasonably priced as the budget is dwindling down, I hear an ebay seller has them for around $130??, as well as new head stud/bolts. I'm not feeling ARP's $400 set of head bolts/studs. Does anyone have any suggestions or leads on either?

Thanks for lookin! Here's a couple of teaser pics! Pics of the motor when I get it all unpackaged and on a stand.



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Damn you guys!

I'll get it weighed and fix my crap.. soon..
Hahah either way your times are good.a stock x runs 18.1 so you got quite the improvement!!

Looking forward to seeing a Vid! How does the butt dyno feel? Nite and Day difference?

hahah.. The Butt Dyno senses some liveliness from the ole boat anchor...

It is very noticeable though, in different ways; Yes I can feel more power than stock throughout the band, but it is more noticeable as you build up the RPMs. Stock I was used to getting all the power/torque right off the line in 1st gear and losing everything it worked for above 3500rpm. You really don't notice how hard the OHV falls on its face as it climbs RPMs before you have a cam. Now it pulls hard all the way up to the rev limiter (which I need to get raised as it feels like I'm hitting a wall at the top of 1st and 2nd) And your all like "WTF OHV WTF.. where is all this power coming froom!! WTF OHV WTF!!"

or was that just me?...

Now I DO feel the lag from the cam underneath I'd say 2100rpm, I think that's half due to me being automatic though.. The only time I really get to noticing it is if I'm cruising at like 1600-1800rpm on flat surface doing 45mph, and all of the sudden the road goes up a hill, I have to keep on and keep on pressing the pedal down and it just feels like it begins to bog down, but then it downshifts all of the sudden and I'm at 2700rpm with all this power out of no where and it makes me feel better again :p: :D

Thats not lag your just in the wrong gear!! You need 4.56 for those 33s it would help ALOT!!! Power band would come down and help alot out the hole.i wouldnt raise the rpms to much.tune would help alot also

I'm GREATLY considering contacting Mr. Henson.. maybe tomorrow :p:.
My tax Return was amazing this year since I paid out of pocket for school last semester.. thanks government! lol..

Where else besides the dump has a scale? Henrico County doesn't have one as I showed up, asked if they did and they all stared at me like I was an idiot.

My mom has my camera right now, otherwise I'd be out shooting video of this thing like it was going out of style.. she gets home from a business trip tomorrow.. maybe I can get it back then.

Truck stops. The hardest part will being able to reach the button. I had to reach up when I went through in the Van and its lifted already.

I'd wander in, talk to someone inside before you go onto the scale just to let them know your going and you don't know what your doing.. I didn't on my first time on the scale and the guy had to tell me to backup. I had too many wheels on the same plate (not going to be an issue for what you want to know).


Still haven't gotten my crap weighed.. but here's a full lope video for you Xeek..

The video doesn't do justice AT ALL, it's got a TON more bass than the camera will pick up. it's actually kinda annoying in the morning when I get up for work and it's all super loud and I can feel it in my chest.

ALSO, I need some help here guys.. The oil gauge is having seizures on me now when I give it some throttle, anything above 50% or so and it freaks out. Wondering if I should be worried about this?

ALSO, my driver's side hub gave out on me.. looks like I've got to park it until I can get another one... DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!($)@#$#@($@#$

mine was similar. only it would just spike down for a sec then back to normal. oil change resulted in less then 2 quarts of oil removes including filter, then the gauge was fine after.
but yours goes up not down so maybe to much oil? lol

i have no idea, dont listen to me. im having hunger shakes and im tired

you forgot your camera when you left! lol

that sounds so nice. i know the cam wont pick it all up.
i know what you mean by the sound. i had a nissan pickup and something with the muffler made it vibrate like crazy at idle and hurt my whole body/ears

Mine does that too,when i get on it but doesnt move back and forth that quick. I have a real gauge also and it doesnt do that so i just ignore it

Xeek you may be right actually..

Because of all the oil I've been dropping over the past couple weeks while trying to fix it, I just threw in 2 quarts the other day.. so I may be well over 5 quarts.. could be the cause? :dunno:

See what makes me think it's NOT a short or an actual failing sending unit is that it doesn't drop off completely, like it doesn't appear to be losing power/signal and dropping all the way to Low like yours does. Mine just sits there in the middle and has seizures.. weird as crap...

ALSO, my driver's side hub gave out on me.. looks like I've got to park it until I can get another one... DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!($)@#$#@($@#$

I still have the spare front hubs from my '97

I've got a couple used ones on the way, should be here on Friday. Dude PM'ed me and let me have both his old ones for the price of shipping, couldn't pass it up.

Thanks for the offer though man :thumbsup:

OK, the hub is fixed, got her back up and running..

P0135 code is still coming and going. I'm going to pull the upstream 02 sensors off tomorrow and clean them. I think they just may have built up a little rust on them while I had the headers off for so long..

The oil gauge is still freaking out on me like I showed in the video above though. Except now it freaks out every time I go above 2k rpm, and the 'check gauge' light comes on while it's freaking out now. I thought I could have too much oil in there, but I don't think I do. With the SOHC bottom end, I should still be using 5 quarts right? I'm going to change it tomorrow cause I haven't since the rebuild.

Anybody have any ideas why my oil gauge is freaking out or any ideas I can go about diagnosing this? Remember now, I have an OHV block, OHV sender unit, SOHC pump, SOHC cradle/pan and they were all working fine up until the past week.

well with a boss 429 block, boss 429 sender unit, boss 429 pump, boss 429 cradle/pan itd prob work. may get a few extra hp in there also :p

inno, maybe the pan is deeper/shallower that the stock one so its throwing off the level? or the pan has a slightly different shape that makes the gasket not fit right?

This is buggin' me.. it's really freakin annoying watching that little thing have a seizure on my dashboard..

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Bump because it's doing it worse and pissed me off on the way to class today..

which ended up being cancelled.. all that gas money for nothin.