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Section525 - D44 2nd gen. leaves SAS

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Well since I have the axle in-hand finally... I guess I can start my thread.

I bought this axle about a month ago from a guy in OR and finally made it around to picking it up yesterday. I watched as he actually took the axle out from under the truck. It's pretty clean.

1983 Jeep Wagoneer LP D44

The plans:
Rubicon Express leaf springs (unless someone suggests otherwise)

Then SOA the rear, add a locker, and 5x4.5 to 6x5.5 adapters (I heard they make them). So far I am thinking about going 35/36s BFGs or IROKs.

So.... any suggestions?


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Those are:

(1) 13T
(1) 8.5T
(2) 6.5T

And then the little ones...

I'm running 6.5Ts on the front right now. These ones seem a little more compact then my current ones. Must be cause they're made in the USA. :D


Maybe I'll use the 13T one as my version of a Truck Nutz. :p: Let it hang right in the middle of the bumper. Okay... not really.

HAHAHA, yep. You sure can't beat free, can you? Out of curiosity, when I got them I went and looked at a price on the 12T and they were like 70 bucks a piece online. I didn't look very hard, though.

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