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MY Long Travel Build

Got the gears done on friday. For sure a good change, but just need to get used to driving a little different on the freeway so im not reving it out. Also got my rear shocks mounted up yesterday. Pretty productive weekend.

Well progress is slowly moving along, so i figure i would start an actual thread about. It has similarities to the Dixon Kit, but it does have its differences.

5'' over stock each side
--Boxed lower
--Tubular upper
--2.5''x10'' Dual Rate King Coilovers
--2.5''X10" King Smoothbody (currently already on the expo, future upgrade to bypass shocks)
--2.5'' King Bump Stops
--Fiberwerx 6'' Fenders

--National 13 Leaf LT pack
--2.5''x10'' SAW Smoothbody (got a great deal, that why its not king)
--2.5'' King Bump Stops

I just recieved pics of the lowers from my builder, and he will be making jigs for the uppers this weekend i think.

Here are pics of the lowers--
welding is really clean