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Return from Truckhaven turkey day 07

No I haven't asked her about the truck yet.. She's been a little stressed.. Trip to Mexico this weekend then she goes to Tx for work next week, then again the week after..

Total driving time from TH to home last time at 67mph was close to 8 hours.. (lots of stops, for some reason I was more tired going home than I was heading to TH).


Whew:eek: I would say so....glad ya did'nt end up in the ditch out there!

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...i know you and your truck both got a heck of a workout the last few hours you were there...glad you both made it home safe...

...the reason i asked about yuma is i can get a ride back from there most any weekend...;)

Got the F-350 home tonight:thumbsup:

Turns out that where the input shafts first connection to the interals of the tranny are on an aluminum drum called the center section. Yes, aluminum:thumbdwn: transfering power from a steel input shaft. In a high torque transfer, which do you think will break:scratch: I'm betting the aluminum, because engineered properly, that will take out more internal parts of the transmission than a simple busted shaft and cost the consumer much more.:dunno: Stupid Ford engineers:rant: The good news is the tranny is fixed, and engineered well beyond the capabilities of stock so as to prevent this from happening again.

However, it wasn't cheap, and that being said, I think it's only fair to ask all the people that backed out from this trip for their gas money they would have spent to help cover my aching wallet:help: The total bill came out to :eek:$4220:eek: but that does include any and all the available upgrades to make the 4R100 bullet proof:shoot::D Plus it has a 3yr/36K mile warranty so that provides peace of mind and I couldn't have bought an aftermarket tranny from ATS or BD Diesel for that cheap and the owner of the tranny shop insists that his build is just as strong if not stronger. He even said he would honor the warranty no matter what future horsepower and torque mods I add to it. Hopefully he's right cause it sucks to break down away from home.

Anyone want to second the above proposed motion:crazy:
Naaahhhhh, just wishfull thinking:rolleyes:

Wow, that is a lot of money. Glad it's back home and ready to roll though. What year is the truck again?

I think I have the 4r100 in my van, and I hope I don't need to ever spend that much on it.

Wow, that is a lot of money. Glad it's back home and ready to roll though. What year is the truck again?

I think I have the 4r100 in my van, and I hope I don't need to ever spend that much on it.

It's a Y2K. The Diesels put a lot of extra pressure on those tranny's. I'm only at about 295hp, but my torque is near or above 700 on a full throtle pull, and if it decides to downshift on a hill, that's a huge amount of force on the tranny. It ended up being cheaper than one of the big aftermarket ones so I like to make myself feel better by telling myself it was worth it.

Plus, I didn't have to do the labor, and if it ever breaks on the road again within the next 3yrs/36,000miles, I can take it to any tranny shop in some network (have it written down out in the truck, but they are everywhere) and get it fixed.

I'm sure it will be worth it, especially towing that far. You've also go the extra weight of the camper.

I think the vangina's torque is just above 420 stock (v10), and I don't plan on upping that too much either.

I'm really bummed I couldn't make it. Hopefully my new tires will be here monday or tuesday next week though.

I'm going to try and fly down in January. I have lots of frequent flyer miles and they're much cheaper than diesel fuel right now,

I am very happy with the mods on the tranny. Just driving it home I could feel the difference in the shifts, much crisper. The funny thing is though, when the input shaft stripped the splines clean out of that aluminum drum, the temp was only at about 150, which is pretty low. I am sure the 136,000 mile on the original tranny, at least 15,000 of them being fully loaded with the camper and trailer and 5000 with just the camper probably created some stress cracks in that drum. That last downshift was just enough to kill it. Amazingly, it wasn't even a full throtle downshift, it was actually one of the easiest downshifts of the entire trip. Wierd, but I am glad it happened where it did where I had help available rather than somewhere like the CA, OR border.

...:eek: well you already bought your truck it's xmas present...and dang, that's a big hit in the wallet at one time...

The ZF-6 (6 spd in the SD) is just as expensive, and it's easier to damage - just get a bad pilot bearing, scar the input shaft, and it's a whole new transmission.