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The California End of Summer Run.

Rick said:
Friday late afternoon more then likely.

How is the area for turning around etc.. This thing is very tall... Is there any other place nearby if this won't work?

Yeah you should be fine.

There is this spot

But I'm sure Bryan's dad will snag it. There is another spot 75 ft away if that. Where there is room. Here is a picture of that area

The trailer in the 1st picture would be just right of the 2nd picture

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My Dad was talking about grabbing a spot about 100 feet off the road where he is sure he can get his 36' RV into. If he can get that in there, you can get just about anything. That is one large RV. My truck and trailer is about 38' and I can get that just about anywhere so Rick you should be fine. If you can't fit, we can drop your trailer near the road and lock it to a tree or something for the weekend. I am pretty sure your camper would fit with a good spotter.

Anyway, LETS WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was looking at the maps and Swamp Route looks pretty cool.

so is anyone gonna make it friday am? or should i cruise up friday evening like everyone else?

lets wheel

I'm still trying to leave tomorrow night and I think Brian will be there also along with Stico. Correct guys?

We were leaving around 4 am and should be up there by noon Thursday. My parents are already up there.

If Goliath and Vibes come up for Friday we could have a really good "Most Difficult" run.

I'm gonna come up early Friday I think. I should be there in at sunrise. If I come up Thursday night I will not be there till around midnight. So I'll be there Friday Morning.


Is Rick coming up on Friday?

My Pops scouted the area again today and there is one tent way down the trail. We should have plenty of room for our group. He will be at the camp site around noon Thursday, just like us.

LETS WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i should be there fri by 9am. ill be driving up that morning. a "most difficult" run sounds awesome.

-lets wheel!!!!!


Brian, remember me talking about my crazy neighbors... Well the bit*h assaulted Char in front of our house tonight after work.

I really don't feel comfortable leaving the house for the weekend. I'm sure you can understand.

I'll tell you Brian... I don't understand the law. The way I think and see things the women should have been hauled off to jail for assault. They didn't charge either person even though there was a witness. I guess our next move is to file a restraining order. :fire: :frustrate

At least the women showed her true colors as Char and I were walking back into the house and the cops were about to leave. She shouted to Char "*****". The cop who was talking to us turned around and said "ma'am I beleive your story now".

Sorry to here about Char... Rick. I hope she is OK. It's more important for you to be there right now. We all unerstand ;) We'll Catch ya at T-haven I guess

Well that sucks, in more ways than one. If you had a witness to the whole incident, and the police did not take action, by at least filing a report, then you need to drive down to the station and file a report and ask for a TRO (Temp Restraining Order).

I hope Char is okay, but you know she could have kicked that Lady's A#$!

Sorry to hear you are not coming. :(

Rick, you have the right to know why they did not make an arrest. Since you are not coming on this trip, spend the time bugging your local law enforcement to take some action before your neighbor really wiggs out. Have Char call one of those women's action groups, that drives cops insane! :D

Well, its 451 am and we are walking out the door.

See You up there!

LETS WHEEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rick, I sure wish you could come, haven't seen you in awhile.

Sorry to hear that Rick. She's just not having a good year. Hope it all works out for the better.

I'm still working on getting Fri off??????

Alrighty...I'm not gonna check this at 3AM when I'm leaving, so Trucks loaded and ready to go. See you all Up there!

Let's Wheel! :burnout:

Hopefully I can get half of saturday off of work and go up and meet you guys!

'm headin out at 12:00pm See you all their...

well now

hey so i drove up there but i have a problem!!!! i either for got to ask what camp site we were suppose to go to so i ended up staying at camp edison!!! just wondering was that the right one or was it the other spot 41miles down the road???

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