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Truck Haven MLK 2014 Jan 18-20

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..I have to head off back to work but here are a few to get started..:popcorn:

..The campsite before sunrise..


..One of the Sunset's..


..Crummy cell phone pic but this was over us on the last evening at camp..Hopefully someone got a better picture showing all the unusual colors that were in these windswept clouds..

..A couple of Rick..




..Looks like a Summit meeting was called by the Ladies...:scratch:


..While the Boy's have other things on their minds..:D

..and then out by the Arch..


This thread makes me want to fill the RV up with water, food and gas, and head back out there again.
Whirly bird spy cam at sunset shot. "Hey, do you feel like you are being watched?"

A few other pics


Dash cam action!

Cell Cam / Dash wedgie cam, thingy....

Wide screen and high res on YouTube.


Thanks for all the pics guys!
Surgery went well, however I did crash right after and went code blue.
Everything OK now
Can I bring the H3 next time?

I say yes to the H3, I don't want to mention what Char just said;) I don't want you to code again!

Geez Sue, you make it sound routine or something:eek:

Glad you are ok!!!

Greg, thanks for that video. Man I got a few laughs there. You really did great considering you WERE the stocker "group" on this run. On any other trip you would have had company, but this run was sparse...

Go! Stocker Power !!!! :thumbsup:

I may be able to edit up some more dash cam stuff and I have out-of-cab vids to play with to.

Took longer to sign up for YouTube and learn to use Windows Live movie breaker than to actually do the edit.

So should go faster on the rest.

Gotta get me one of those Go shmoes!

Spent 3 hours washing and dust removal, dust removal, dust removal.... .. . . . . .

and then I cleaned the truck!

:D My little trail buddy is just happy as can be too! :D






This looks like a great weekend.

Sure wish we were there with you.

Like to drone? :)

Looks like a great time!

..Welcome back Sue..:p:

"Dad, there's something following us"





..Now you know how we get sand on our roofs..:D

Nice shots Ted.

New camera seems to be doing great for you:chug:

Is that Rick's old camera? I was just looking around this morning to see it was still for sale. We need a backup camera for work.

No Steve, that camera ended up selling awhile back.

..Thanks for the compliments..:D

..The pictures were all shot with one of my two new to me (used) cameras..I used the Nikon D90 with a 18-105mm VR lens and a UV filter..I was testing it for before sunrise and the cloud cover day and it seemed to work out pretty good..

..I need to get some full blazing Sun shots in to but KOH is going to be the real test..

..I do have more pics to post up and will over the next couple of days..They are mainly similar to what I've posted and I know Brian can use a few more for his first trip out as a SAS owner..:D

I have one more video to post from the dash cam. It's 15 minutes long, and taking forever to upload to YouTube with my puny <1 meg upload speed :(

On the way home I noticed a new loudish squeak coming from the trim around the TV located over the dash on the RV. Today, I pulled the trim cover off and the squeak was from the TV being loose in the mount. It was pushing on the wood cabinets and wood trim. It is mounted in a sturdy metal frame, but the top is held in place with a strap with two-sided tape and a few bolts to put tension on it. Pulled the TV and am repairing the wood on the cabinets that had started to pull apart at a seam. I figured out how to get a 37" flat screen in there, but need to convince the wife its a safety issue. You know, less weight, more secure mounting, etc..

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